Planning my Escape

Me (Michael J Pennington) and Beau being goofballs.

Who am I? Well, my mantra is “My name is Michael J. Pennington I am no more or less than that.” Actually, I have two mantra’s the second is “Don’t show off, just show up.” Both of my mantras have the same purposes of reminding me to be me to just be myself that if I am perfectly okay the way that I am, and if I try my best I should be good enough. Planning my Escape

You might notice that I don’t take myself too seriously. The picture is one of my favorite pictures of me. It’s funny and it’s goofy and it makes me smile when I see it. Beau, the dog in the picture was my faithful companion for many years. Until we reached a point where we became homeless and Beau and Bella (his girlfriend) couldn’t be with us. They have a good home in Texas. I figured you would probably want to know that. 😁

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I am a man with a singular passion: writing books. It’s not the simplest road for me I am somewhat grammatically challenged, and I am almost certain that I am Dyslexic. Not insurmountable problems but they certainly are challenging. I meeting these challenges as best I can, and in fact have already self-published one book: Breaking a Terrible Promise and I have a second book I am seeking to get published.

Now I have a problem. I wish to solve the problem, but before I do that I must examine the particulars of the problem. My only desire is to write books, but in order to do that, I need to live. In our dystopian society that takes money. Mony for rent money for food and money for the act of writing itself. Now if I get a job and write in my free time money concerns will inevitably force me to trade more and more of my precious free time to deal with problems that arise. On the other hand, if I don’t have a job I might have time to write but the needs of life continue to drain my resources until I no longer have the resources to write. The system punishes us for not working. Conclusion: I am a prisoner.

Now we are all prisoners of the same system. Our Jobs are little more than well designed Skinner boxes that are made to keep us addicted to them. They promise occasionally rewards such as promotion, raise, vacation, and acknowledgment in return for your drudgery and toil. All the while keeping you afraid to stop with the fear of losing your job.

I’m not very adept at maintaining a job, not for lack of trying mind you. I find their promise of rewards far too uninteresting for my taste and don’t fear the loss of said job like I should. In fact, I find jobs irritating for their intrusion on my free time. Now if this sounds like complaining it’s not its observation.

So what’s the solution? Well, writing books sounds like a good solution, but there is a problem. Publishers won’t risk publishing a book unless they believe it will make them money. Even a relatively good book might be overlooked it the author is unknown. I certainly don’t  have enough money to keep self-publishing.  So I must develop an audience to convince publishers I am worthy of their attention. Hence this blog. I plan to use it for all my crazy ideas and hope some of you will like them.

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