Breaking a Terrible Promise

Breaking a Terrible Promise cover

I would be remiss as an author not to mention my book on my blog. 

So here we are:

Promises’ easy to make, easy to break. There are many characters in this book. Heroic father with a dark secret, a mother who is not what she seems, a brother and sister who are caught up in the web of lies, and there is a bad guy someone whom I blame for all of the problems, and not undeservedly so. Though is he really the source of the problem? I’m here too of course, as the one who tells the story and its main character we follow me as I grow up in a world hidden from the rest, where I learn the ways of users and pathological liars. We see the aftermath as I struggle to deal with my childhood scars and the moment that forces me to turn my back on all of it. But at the heart of this story is a promise. A solemn vow I made to myself and I’m not alone in making. A silent resolution I am now confident that I must break.

 One I hope I convince others to break as well…
First I would like to thank Green Ivy Publishing for their help with publishing this book. I’m very satisfied with my experience so far and would Highly recommend them. 
Here are a few places you can buy my book: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ebay, Google Books
And here is a google search result: Breaking a Terrible Promise.

Why I wrote this book

While it certainly was cathartic writing about the sexual and mental abuse I received as a child the real reason I wrote this book is that I honestly believe my story can help some. It’s easy for someone who has suffered these kinds of things to think they are alone I’ve made this book as proof they are not. There is no one road to recovery, but I hope those who read this may find value in the techniques I used in my own emotional battles and perhaps find ways to ease their own journey. That is my hope. 😊

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