Smoke: The Cannabis Detective

Alright, it’s time to unveil my next book! 

Smoke: The Cannabis Detective

Book one: Smoke and Mirrors.

Also, you can follow the ongoing adventures in Smoke: The Cannabis Detective story blog.

I’m excited about this project! I am a big supporter of medical Marijuana research and I’m hoping that stories like this will help remove the stigma that surrounds both medical and recreational Marijana.

What’s it about? I’m glad you asked. Peter Kurtz is a man whose life is spiraling out of his control. He’s homeless his job is about to suspend him and the doctor just called with some bad news, Cancer.

Peter is not a user of Cannabis (like me) he doesn’t drink or use other drugs either (like me) but he supports legalization. (Like me.) His wife Gwen does use cannabis for medical and recreational reasons, and he made a promise to her that if he had cancer he would try to cure it with cannabis. 

He get’s hooked up with a new experimental strain called Ghost 19, but there is one little-sided effect… He starts to see ghosts. Is he hallucinating? Is he losing his mind? Is it some bad weed? Or could it possibly be real? Peter is certain it’s not, Gwen is certain it is. All Peter knows is he can’t tell what is real and what is Smoke.

Soon Peter and Gwen are swept up in a twelve-year-old murder case involving a missing girl who use to reside in the home of the friend that they are staying with. Will Peter solve the mystery or will the killer take care of his cancer concerns for good?

Here is an Excerpt:

I was in the kitchen looking for a snack, so I could eat and try to sleep again. I was working in the dark cause I didn’t want to wake anyone in the house. I decided to make a sandwich I had gotten the ingredients out, but I forgot the mayo. I got it out the jar and closed the fridge I was halfway to the table when I heard a loud clomping sound, but it was like a wet squishy clomp. Like someone was walking through the house with galoshes on. A man walked through the wall, he wasn’t tall, but he was bulky. He was wearing a rain slicker, it was once yellow but had long since faded to a brownish white. His hat was the same but seem to have a very dark blackish-red blood on it.  He was dripping with water, but as he walked he left no trace of it. He turned his head towards me his face was a skull. But not clean skull loose bits of flesh and muscle clung to it. Scraggly remnants of a beard seem to cling to it.

I dared not move, I made not a sound. I started this grotesque creature. It seemed not to notice me at first but then as if I had just appeared, it looked at me with lidless eyes rotting in their sockets and let out a long lamenting moan. I jumped dropping the jar of mayo I had been holding. It hit the floor with a loud crash. The creature looked at the smashed jar and tilted its head in confusion before turning into a wisp of smoke.

I had somehow managed not to scream, I just hoped nobody heard the jar break. I got some paper towels and started picking up the glass. As I sat there trying to clean the mess I became aware of something else hiding under the table was a young girl, not a child, a teen. The Millers only had their little boy Minio. I knew of no one else in the house. “Who are you?” I asked.

She was a solemn girl with long blond hair. She wore a white dress with no shoes. She looked up at me as if to ask. “You can see me?” She dissolved into smoke as well.

The lights came on. I looked up to see Kait standing there with Minio in her arms. I stood up. “I’m sorry I was making a sandwich and dropped the mayo, clumsy of me…” I said. “Did I wake you up?” I asked.

“No. It was Minio.” She said. “He has this thing about thunderstorms, seems to think they bring some kind of monster he calls Rain Man.” She said. “Excuse me, who were you talking too?” She asked.

“Me?” I said nervously. “No-no one. That is to say, I was talking to myself. Who are you to be dropping this here mayo!?”

“Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating? Because Gwen told Lars about that.” Goddamit! Does Gwen tell Lars everything?

“No,” I said. “Why would you think that?”

“Because of the late night munchies?” She said with heavy emphasis on the word ‘munchies.’  

“No, ” I said. “I thought I’d take a break for a while. Just pills today.” Okay, maybe I had a quick puff before I came upstairs. Just to help me sleep. But I was not going to tell her that.

“Hey Mr. Kurtz,” Said Minio. “Did you see the Rain Man?”
“The what?” I asked.
“The Rain Man.” Said Kait. “That’s his boogie man. Some guy in a raincoat that shows up when it rains.” She turned her attention to the child in her hands. “No, he didn’t mister! And neither did you. Now, you are going to bed.” As she walked away she looked back and said. “Good night Peter. Enjoy your munchies…” I couldn’t help but feel that maybe she didn’t believe me. I cleaned up the mayonnaise and ate myself a dry chicken sandwich. I didn’t see any more hallucinations that night, I did get some more sleep. I don’t know how.

Now this book is done and ready to go, I might self-publish but I’m not there yet. I really think this book has broad appeal and really the only thing I need to do get it published is show publishers just how big an audience it can draw in. That’s where you come in.

I’m not a recreational or medical user myself but, I’m open minded. there is a stereotype that “pot heads” are lazy and don’t do a lot of thinking or reading.  I know quite a few users and many of them are avid readers. I wrote this book for those people. There is a huge and largely untapped market here and I need your help to prove it. Like this blog go to its Facebook page and like it there. Share, comment and keep sharing.

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Also, you can follow the ongoing adventures in Smoke: The Cannabis Detective story blog.

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