I just created a Mantis-waleopuss! That’s a thing that exists now.

Excerpt from The Outsider a short story by Michael J Pennington.

As he was swimming he became aware that he wasn’t swimming alone something was following him. He paid no attention to it, he would deal with it if he had too. The creature took his inaction as a sign of weakness the massive monster released a tentacle at him like a harpoon. He managed to dodge but only just, the water slowed him down considerably. He was at a disadvantage. He chose to run instead of attack, his lungs were hurting badly he could feel a tingling in the tips of his fingers. He didn’t have the time nor the will for a prolonged battle. Another tentacle shot at him like a lightning bolt it missed two. The monster apparently abandoned the stealth approach. Its body lit up with a thousand lights of every color of the rainbow.

The outsider had seen a lot of things in this world but nothing so wondrous as this. Its body was a massive shell-like structure like a lobster or a shrimp. The harpoon-like tentacles came from too massive claws that it wielded with deadly precision. It had leg-like tentacles that hung from its body but it was a massive tail that propelled it. It would have been beautiful to behold if it were not so deadly.

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