The Dragon of Somewhat Timid Mountain.

A long time ago there was a knight of daring do, well more like daring did. (He was retired.) Most days he sat back in his castle and played solitaire. He had no friend to speak of they all died on daring crusades. He was the last of his order and no one in the town seemed to notice his existence.

Then one day a boy came running into town yelling at the top of his lungs. “A dragon!” The boy cried. “I saw a dragon on Somewhat Timid mountain!”

The old knight overheard the commotion and made his way to town to find out what was going on. “A dragon you say?”  He asked.

“Yes!” Said the boy. “It was on the mountain. I saw it!”

“Well, that settles it.” Said the knight. “I shall deal with this dragon at once!”

“Pay him no mind!” Said the blacksmith. “It’s probably his imagination. Besides, what will you do aginst a dragon?”

“I’ll have you know sir!” Said the old knight. “I was once a knight of the highest order!”

“You!” Scoffed the baker. “You are just a wizen old man!”

And the people of the town laughed as he walked away. He was not to be deterred though. He got his stuff and managed to get back into the old armor and made the trek to Somewhat Timid mountain. Night had already fallen when he got to the foot of the mountain. He made cap and saw no sign of the dragon. He slept until morning when the dawning sun crept over the edge of Somewhat Timid mountain.

It was then he saw an incredible sight. Somewhat Timid mountain gave a shrug and its rocky peak turned into a set of scaly wings.  They seemed to stretch forever as the mountain-sized dragon gave his morning stretch.

The old knight scrambled to his horse got out his sword and prepared for a fight, but upon seeing him the dragon did not roar, he waved.

“A visitor!” Said the dragon. “How are you this beautiful morning?”

Well, there was just one thing for the knight to do. He got off his horse. He took a folding table from the horse’s saddle and set it up. He then took a folding chair and set that up too. He then set up a game board and some dice. He gave the dragon a piece of paper.

It read: “Character Sheet: Choose your race.”

After a little thought, the dragon chose gnome. He then proceeded to make a Gnome Bandit.

Once the dragon had settled on all his stats the Knight began the campaign. The dragon did well having never played D&D before.  The two began to play regular games every week and some of the townspeople began to join them, and the old Kight was never lonely again.

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