Batman: A world without Kryptonite.

Okay so to show now to reward followers of my blog with a little story about Batman and Superman.

It should be noted I do not own the rights to these characters and am not seeking financial gain from this project. I do ask please if you like this story that you show aprication to DC by purchasing some of their fine merchandise or comics. I would also like to note that I will comply with any request by DC or their representatives to remove this article from public view. It is only my wish to show my love and appreciation to DC comics for their fine stories by wiring this and not intended to disparage or take away their business in any way.

Now I have plenty of my own material to work with but on occasion, I like the challenge of writing someone else’s characters.

Now I’m writing this because I have seen several great stories involving Batman and Superman on opposite sides of the battlefield. In almost all of them, Batman has access to Kryptonite and he uses it to great effect. This left me to wonder what if Batman didn’t have Kryptonite and the idea grew from there. I love the challenge of thinking how a human might take on someone as powerful as Superman without his trademark weakness, or any weakness for that matter. Here is my take.

Batman: A World Without Kryptonite.

By Michael J Pennington

Part One: Jailbreak.

If look at the multiverse enough you will see anything. In this universe, a rare thing happened. It seems that Krypton is doomed in any universe, but what was different is the Kryptonians listened when scientist Jor-El warned them of the impending destruction. This small change to the order of things would have a huge impact on the outcome for the earth of this world. 
Jor-El enacted a plan to save Krypton by transporting the people to the Phantom Zone. This plan failed. In order to create a Phantom Zone gateway big enough to send all of Krypton’s people they needed a lot of power from Krypton’s core, this accelerated the planet’s degradation. The unstable core and the Phantom Zone Projector fed off one and another and the portal grew out of control. Instead of transporting Krypton’s people to the Phantom Zone Jor-El transported the entire planet Krypton. The last act of Supermans parents was to place their son is a ship headed to Earth. 
As it sped through the closing portal Krypton exploded in the Phantom Zone. The ship made it’s way to earth, but this time was different. Lara and Jor-El spent their time preparing for Kal-El and Lara to live in the Phantom Zone. The ship was intended for Jor-El, he would go to earth and build a Projector there and free the earth. They didn’t prepare the ship for Kal-El, there wasn’t even a database onboard there was not time. 
The ship landed on earth several weeks earlier than most universes in the multiverse. It landed at a military base in Colorado not Far from Cheyanne Mountain. The government began to study this new life form under the code name Project Clark. In the early days, it was well enough, the child was treated well by the scientist who studied him. They kept him in an above ground facility because he looked human enough. It was only when he began to display extraordinary abilities that the military became involved. They made him into a weapon. He was the secret weapon that won America many wars and expanded their control of the world. 
The General who commanded Clark now called codeword Superman. Placed himself as the ruler of America and had conquered more than half the world with the help of Superman. When Superman realized that the General was corrupt he took control of America for himself. He was a just ruler for the most part, but he felt the world would be better under his rule so he conquered the rest. 
The last place he conquered was Gotham City under the control of Bruse Wayne AKA The Batman it was the longest to hold against Supermans power. That was five years ago. 
Strykers Island:
“What’s that building over there?” Asked the old man. He was looking a large facility off to the side not attached to the main prison. It was heavily fortified. 
“Are you crazy man?” Said one of the other inmates as they stood in line to enter the prison. 
“That’s where they keep him.” Said another. “Bruse Wayne. The guy who gave Superman a nosebleed.”
“All that security for one man?” Asked the old man.  
“No talking!” Giving the old man a shove with the butt of his rifle.
Motropulious: World Capital Center.  
A woman in dressed in military garb wearing glasses drives up to the checkpoint. “Identification?” Asked the guard. 
“Kent, Martha.” Said the woman flashing her badge. The Gard waves her in. She starts to make her way through the halls. No one notices her as she takes the back root to the Presidents office. She knocks on the door to see if the president is there. No answer she enters the office. If she timed it right she will have a few moments on the computer before she has to leave. She has no trouble entering the computer the password is simple enough. She begins searching the data for anything related to the “Gotham Incident.” 
“You won’t find what you are looking for Miss Lane.” Interrupts Superman. “Realy Lois. did you think a pair of glasses would fool me?”
Strykers Island:
The old man is going through processing. He is lead away from the other prisoners into a smaller room with two guards. “James Gorden.” Calls the guard. “That sounds familiar?” 
“It should. This one is one of Batman’s flunkies.” Said the other Gard. 
“Say what you will about him.” Said Gordon. “He never forced us to follow him. We chose to follow him because he showed us respect. Do you get respect from Superman? We’re like ants to him.”
“Yeah. Whatever.” Said the guard. “Your boy might have given the S-man a nosebleed, but that doesn’t make you tough.” There was an explosion. “What the?” Gordan quickly grabbed the man and brought him in for a head butt. The guard fell down hitting the ground. 
“Well, that’s one way to do it.” Said the other guard. “I could have gotten him for you dad.”
“Just because your Batgirl doesn’t mean you get all the fun, Barbra.” Said Gordon. “How far is the command center from here?”
“Three floors.” Siad Barbra. “Suit up.”
“This is the best plan we could come up with?” Asked Gordan putting on the guard’s clothes.
Motropulious: World Capital Center.
“I’m sorry Lois.” Said, Superman. “I hope that one day you can forgive me for killing your father.”
“Sam made his choices. He chose to turn a little boy into a weapon. He chose to use said weapon for his own gain. He chose to make choice after choice that took him down the path of tyranny and injustice.” Said Lois. 
“So you forgive me?” Asked Superman.

“For killing President Lane?” Asked Lois. “The tyrant dictator. Sure. For picking up where he left off? That’s a different story.”

“Now Lois that’s unfair…” Said, Superman.

Strykers Island:

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) are working their way into the maximum security sector of Strykers Island. “Batgirl!” Said Dick Grayson.

“We have the control room!” Said Batgirl. “We are overriding the locks now!”

Thick heavy doors opened in front of them. Bruce Wayne was waiting behind the. Damian ran up to him to give him a hug. “Dad!” Bruce hugged him back.

“Bruce!” Cried Nightwing. “We were coming to rescue you…”

“I know.” Said Bruce. “I heard the explosions. It won’t be long till he’s here.”

“We’ve got that covered.” Said Nightwing.

Motropulious: World Capital Center.

“How can you say that?” Asked Superman. “I’ve done everything I could to bring the world peace and harmony!”

“You mean order and control?!” Said Lois. “It’s a police state out there! Your goons are making everyone’s life miserable!”

“It’s only that way because people are resisting.” Said, Superman. “If they would just listen to me…”

“Yeah!” Said Lois. “Listen to yourself. If you did then maybe you would know…”

“This is wrong!” Said, Superman.  

“Yes!” Said, Lois. “It’s wrong!”

“No.” Said, Superman. “This is wrong. You never talk to me this much. You can bearly stand to be in the same room as me.”

“Maybe I just feel that we could…”

“You’re distracting me! From what…” Said, Superman. “Strykers!” He pressed the emergency button on the desk and then left the room at super speed. The Doors and windows closed behind him leaving Lois trapped.

Strykers Island:

Batgirl was in the Batplane this was a multi-person transport plane with hypersonic capabilities. “Lois just signaled! We have to move now!”

Nightwing and Robin help Bruce onto the plane. The door closes, and the plane takes off. “Did everyone make it?” Asked Nightwing.

“Yes.” Said John Henry Irons AKA Steel he and Luke Fox AKA Batwing provided the distraction that helped the others that get to Bruce. They seemed to make a clean getaway when the plane shook. 

“I hope you have a plan for this.” Said Bruce. 

“We were trained by the best.” Said Nightwing. “You know what to do.” He turned to Steel and Batwing. The two of them went to the back of the plane the door opened and they flew out.

“That’s a suicide mission!” Said Bruce.

“Bruce.” Said Gorden. “Those men believed in this mission. They believed in you, we all do. Let us get you out of here.”

Superman was catching up to the plane his heat vision had failed to destroy the plane. Some kind of shielding. That was okay the plane wasn’t going to be immune to super strength. He was just catching up to the plane when the hammer of Steel came flying to his face. Followed by the foot of batwing. He caught the hammer and the foot without much problem. Batwing he didn’t know, but Steel he uses to work with. “Traitor!” He cried.

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” Said Steel, as he activated his hammers propulsion mechanism.  The hammer shot off like a rocket dragging Superman with it. Superman tried to let go but the hammer encased his hand. In the confusion, Batwing got free of supermans grip. Instead of getting away Batwing grabbed onto Supermans’ legs and climbed onto his back. He used his electrified gauntlets to send a powerful electric charge through Superman.

“Argh!” He was no stranger to electricity and the pain it caused. He pushed past it, these two were more distractions. He grabbed Batwing off his back and threw him to the ocean below. He shot him with a blast of heat vision for good measure. He then crushed Steels hammer and tore remaining parts off his hand. He ignored Steel and flew straight to the Batplane. Steel was much too slow to catch him.

He caught up to the Plane he punched it but his fist grazed off. A force field this was Lex Luthor’s doing. Why was everyone helping this madman? Didn’t they see that Batman was dangerous? He smashed into the shield again and again.

Inside Nightwing and Batgirl were piloting. “We can’t take much more of this.” Said Batgirl. “Are we ready?”

“Go!” Cried Nightwing.

Superman went to punch the force field again but it disappeared. “What now?” He asked. In response
The Batplane shot off four missiles. Superman couldn’t see inside the plane with his x-ray vision, it must have had led paint. Nore could he see inside the missiles, but he could hear and he knew wich missile they had hidden Bruce in.

He followed it. He caught it and set it down on a nearby island. He ripped off the cover. Inside was Jim Gordan. “He’s gone.” Said Gordon lighting up a Cigaret. “You won’t find him now, the other as well. Let’s get this over with. We both know you don’t take prisoners when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

Supermans’ eyes began to glow. Jim Gordon was gone in an instant. He met his fate with determined bravery. Batman knew how to find good people, and he knew how to inspire loyalty but he was just a man. He lost last time, he’ll loose again.

Part Two: The Man who made Superman Bleed.

“Why did you help him?!” Cried, Superman. “I knew you were upset but this?”

Lois had been moved to an interrogation room. She was in handcuffs. She remained quiet.

Superman placed his hand on the metal table in frustration. “Damn it, Lois! We are friends but I can’t take much more of your disobedience.” When he removed his hand there was an impression of it in the metal table.

“Disobedience?” Asked Lois.

“You know what I mean!” Said, Superman. “You defaming me in public is bad enough, but now you are helping a known enemy of the United World Order? People are talking Lois. They are saying that I don’t have control of you.”

“Do you?” Asked Lois.

“They say that you are a security risk. A risk I’ve done nothing about. Because I’ve been blinded by our friendship. If you are helping Batman, maybe they are right. I’ve ignored this problem for too long.” Said, Superman. “Does our friendship mean anything to you?”

“You know it does.” Said Lois. “Can’t you see Clark! I’m trying to help you. This isn’t you. Sam trained you to be a weapon. But all those years ago you proved to me you could be better than that. You can do that again… Just walk away.”

“You know it’s not that simple Lois. I can’t let the world fall apart again.” Said, Superman. “I just have to secure my power and things will settle down.”

“They haven’t yet.” Said Lois.

“They will. People will see it’s better. Or would if you hadn’t helped the one man who could ruin everything.”

“What is it about him?” Asked Lois. “What is about a human in a mask that has the great and mighty Superman scared?” Superman turned away from Lois and looked into the mirror.

Gotham City: Five years ago.

Superman crawls out from some rubble his vision is blurry and a loud painful noise if preventing him from getting his barrings. Batman in some kind of flying suit lands in front of him. Superman tries to focus on him to use a blast of his heat vision. A bright light erupts from Batman’s hand, and Superman had been blinded again. The world spins, Superman can’t feel pain as much as impact. Batman is throwing him around like a rag doll.

Batman slams Superman into the ground again. “Lex!” He calls “Power levels!”

Luther in a secure location elsewhere reports. “We are at 73% approximately thirty seconds.”

“Batman!” Calls Lucius Fox. “Your suits is down to 20% power! We’ve already hit him four times! It isn’t working.”

“One more time!” Said Batman blinding Superman again.

Superman is blind and deaf, and whatever Batman’s big gun is it packs a wallop. Superman’s has to figure this out fast! Batman is using his own powers against him, Superman never expected that. He tries to focus he shuts out the noise, and tries to take a blind punch.

Superman swings wildly, Batman just dodges it. “He’s adapting to my attacks!” Said, Batman. “Time?”

“Satelite is ready.” Said Lex Luther coldly. “Firing on your coordinates in 3… 2… 1” This was why Batman chose Lex to man the Satelite controls, he was ruthless and wouldn’t hesitate to fire even if Batman could get caught in the blast. Sometimes leadership is having the right person in the right place.

Batman engaged the booster rockets on his suit. A collaboration of three genius minds. Lex Luther, John Henry Irons, and Lucius Fox. Together the managed to create a suit that could hold its own aginst Superman, at least for a time. The satellite laser impacted Gotham City for the fifth time. Its citizens had already been evacuated to safety. Even with the suits advanced propulsion systems it only just managed to stay ahead of the shockwave.

Here it was again the intense heat from Batman’s weapon. It’s force knocking Superman to the ground. It burned his skin and hurt like hell. For the first time in a long time, Superman wondered if he was going to die. “No.” He thought. He summoned all of his strength he stood up. He could feel the weapons energy coming from above. He followed it. Fighting aginst the tremendous force of the blast he followed it to its force. He kept his eyes closed and used his x-ray vision. A satellite, made by Lexcorp! He smashed through the satellite by flying through it. As he exploded behind him he flew back to earth. He landed on the destroyed remains of Gotham City. “Batman!” He cried.

“I’m here!” Called, Batman. Floating above him, and with him came back the painful noise that hurt superman’s ears.

Superman was ready for him he had grabbed some random scrap of metal from the Satellite. He wrapped it around his head like a blindfold covering his eyes and ears. It didn’t completely stop the noise but it dampened it. He used his x-ray vision to locate Batman. He flew up and caught Batman.

“Batman! Get out of there!” Said Lucius Fox.

“Too late.” Said, Batman. This was part of Batman’s plan. If his plan was to ultimately succeed even those closest to him couldn’t know it. Superman began ripping off pieces of the suit, like peeling it off of Batman like a banana peel. Underneath was Batmans regular costume the one he wore to scare criminals at night.

When the last of it came off Superman removed his metal blindfold. He landed on the ground dropping Batman at his feet. “You’ve lost Bruce.” He said though labored breath, his head was pounding and he hurt all over, he did his best not to show it.

Batman looked at Superman and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny!?” Asked superman.

“I made you bleed.” Said Badman.

Superman became aware of the moisture on his face and he lifted his hand to touch it. He pulled his hand away from his face and saw the crimson stain on it. He clenched his fist and his eyes began to glow red. He would have killed Batman right then and there, but the sound of helicopter blades on the wind stopped him.

It was a news copter and its lens was now fixed on him. He heard Lois inside the copper. “We’re here live to witness the captor of the leader of the rogue state Gotham City! After an intense battle, Superman has emerged victorious…”


“It was you.” Said Superman still staring at his reflection. “You’ve been helping him all along.”

“Clark. It’s not like that.” Said Lois.

“He tried to kill me.” Said, Superman turning back towards Lois. “And you helped him.”

“He wasn’t going to kill you.” Said Lois with tears in her eye’s. “He promised me. He was going to stop once you were unconscious. Get the lanterns they had a prison cell ready for you.”

“That would have been acceptable to you?” Asked Superman. His eyes glowing.

“You’re sick Clark. You need help.” Said Lois.  Supermans’ eyes glowed with more intensity. “Do it.” She said flatly. “Do it and prove you’re not the man I thought you were.”

“You know Lois.” Said Superman his eyes tearing up. “Batman may have been the one to make me bleed, but you were the one who crushed my heart.” Lois was gone, it had been painless, but she was the last thing that tied Superman to his humanity, without her he no longer cared what people thought. The world felt the full brunt of his tyranny and a new brutal era of Superman’s empire began.

Part Three: Setting the Stage. 

“When do we move on Superman?” Asked Aquaman. “I did not aid you in your prison break to sit around this cave and do nothing.” It had been three months since that night of Bruce Wayne’s escape from Strikers Island. Bruce Wayne amusing the mantel of Batman was gathering his forces in the Batcave.

“Things will happen soon enough.” Said, Batman. “I’m still analyzing the data from the last time I fought Superman.”

“Admit it.” Said Lex Luther. “You don’t know how to kill him. I have a plan. It will work.”

“I don’t know how to kill him yet.” Said, Batman. “I already said no to your plan.”

“My plan is good!” Said Luther. “It will work.”

“A clone will not be able to destroy the original.” Said, Batman. “Superman has had more training and more time to adjust to his powers. Even if it did succeed, we’d just be in the same boat as before. An overpowered weapon that could turn on us at any moment.”

“I can control it!” Said Lex razing his voice.

“Keep your voice down.” Said, Batman. “Sound cancellation can only do so much.”

Lex took a breath and spoke again. “I can control the clone.”

“That’s what Sam Lane probably said about Superman.” Said, Batman.

“But…” Lex was about to speak but the lights in the Batcave turned red. This was an indication that something moving at supersonic speed was moving through the air above Gotham. It could have been Superman it could have been one of his fighter jets. The lights dimmed and the color went from red to purple. This indicated increased X-ray radiation. Which meant that Superman was scanning the Batcave!

Nobody moved or made a sound. The Batcave had noise canalization tech installed to prevent sounds from traveling beyond the cave, but this close to Superman no one knew if they would work. The cave was also shielded from X-ray vision, but not with lead. Superman would notice it. Instead, it had an X-ray cloaking field. Camouflage that worked on an X-ray level it prevented Superman vision from penetrating and sent back the signal that the resistance wanted him to see. Another Lucius Fox invention. It was their closest guarded secret.

“I don’t know what’s worse,” Superman Said to himself as he scanned under Wayne Manor. “The fact that I know their down there or the fact that I can’t act on it.” His spy had told him all about the X-ray cloak. Superman wanted to fly down there right now and kill everyone. He could do it, but he wouldn’t get everyone. He had to wait for them to act, draw them out so he could smash Batman and his resistance in one efficient blow. He wanted the world to see him crush Batman with his own hands, then they would know they have no hope of ever winning against him. “That should be enough.” Said Superman, and he flew away.

The lights in the Batcave turned back to red, and then back to normal. “Superman has left the area,” Alfred announced over the intercom.

“Superman little visits are growing more frequent, perhaps we should change locations?” Asked Nightwing. He was the commander of Batman’s resistance forces. Currently, Tim Drake AKA Red Robbin was overseeing their operations while Nightwing was here.

“Would that do any good?” Asked Batman. “If Superman suspects we’re here, how long before he spots our cloaking tech?”

“All the more reason we should act.” Said Aquaman.

“If we attack before we are ready we might as well as surrender.” Said, Batman.

Lex Luther stood up. “We could…”

“Lex,” Said, Talia al Ghul “Sit down,” Batman asked her to be Lex’s keeper, she took much delight in putting him in his place.

“Now hold on.” Said Lex. Talia stepped forward. “Fine.” He said and sat down. Lex had tried several times to stand up to her, but the master of the League of Assassins was not easily vexed. Her command of martial skill was far greater then Lex’s and her assassins were loyal only to her. She cared not for money or power, at least not the kind Lex was offering.

“We still haven’t heard in from Lois Lane.” Said Batgirl.

“Lane is most likely dead.” Said, Batman. “If Superman’s change in tactics is an indication.”

“First Gordon than Lois” Said Steel. “How can we let this happen.”

At the mention of Gordon’s name Batman seem to hesitate for just a moment. “We’re at war.” He said. “Gordon’s and Lane’s sacrifices should be remembered.”

“We should at least look for her…” Steel’s statement was interrupted by a blinking light on Batman’s computer. Batman stepped over to his computer and pressed a button.

“I’m here.” Said, Batman.

A distorted voice spoke over an intercom. “I need today’s password.”

“Alpha-Charley-Echo Nine Two Juliet One Nine Five Five…” Said, Batman.

“That is correct.” Said the distorted voice. “I think I may have something. I’m sending it to you now.”

Batman brought the data up on a smaller screen. One the others couldn’t see. “Aquaman. Has Diana checked in?”

“Not since she returned to Themyscira to talk the Amazons into joining us.” Said Aquaman.

“Then were going to have to do this without them.” Said, Batman. “It’s time.”


Gentle beats of rain can be heard on the top of Luther’s limousine. “I do miss the metropolis rain.” He say’s to himself. He look’s outside to see the shadowy form standing in the distance. “Driver.” He says “Pull over.”

He get’s out in the rain and begins walking the street in his trench coat. Not far from his car is a trash can inside is a cell phone wrapped in plastic. Luther removes the plastic and discards it. The phone rings. He answers and begins to talk. “What’s up?”

“When are they going to move.” Said, Superman.

“Am I being watched?” Asked Luther.

“I’m still checking. Talia’s Assassins are tricky.”

“I know.” Said Lex. He sought refuge from the rain in a parking garage.

Superman appeared in the garage. “You are clean.” He Said. “If anything you do can be described as clean.”

Luther smiled. “They will be attacking the capitol in tree days.”

“So Batman thinks he has a way to beat me.” Said, Superman. “Any idea how?”

“No exactly.” Said Lex. “But I did manage to figure out who Batman’s secret partner is.”

“Oh really, who?” Said, Superman.

“I want you to name me as your successor.” Said Luther. “Just in case.”

“You?!” Said, Superman. “That’s presumptuous. You are a known traitor to the United World Order.”

“That was the past.” Said Lex. “Now, I’m your right-hand man. You are planning to hold up your end of the bargain? Right?”

“Fine.” Said, Superman. “I’ll let the right people know.”

“And record a video. I want evidence.”  Said Luther.

“It won’t matter.” Said, Superman. “Batman won’t beat me, and whatever your planning won’t work either.”

“Of course.” Said Luther. “I just plan for every contingency. Despite Batman’s safeguards and his pet demon I managed to smuggle in a nano-drone, I had it follow that incipient butter of his. Alfred is the only one Batman would trust to feed his ‘ace’ in the hole. Sure enough.” Lex pulled a device from his pocket. from it was projected a hologram, as Superman gazed at the blue light his eyes grew wide.

Three day’s later: Metropolis. 

In an unusually silent evening, a hush falls over the waiting city. A single voice cries out. “For Gordon!” As the attack begins at dusk. The forces of the Resistance converge on the capital building in the center of Metropolis. Aquaman’s forces attack from the front, Red Robin and the Gotham resistance forces from the left. Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins from the left.

The capital offers little resistance at first, just a token force at first. The forces converge on capital where they discover the whole of Superman’s North America forces waiting for them.

Gotham City: The Batcave. 

Batman’s forces have already left for their little invasion. Only one person remains. He’s waiting. “So you betrayed me to?” Said, Superman. “Not surprised everyone else has.”

Sitting in the cave was the man who Superman knew as a father. He wasn’t really a father he was a scientist. He studied Superman, but out of all of them, Emil Hamilton was the nicest to him. 

“The way I remember it.” Said Hamilton. “You betrayed me first. Or did you forget that you tried to kill me.”

“I had to protect myself.” Said, Superman. “No one knows more about my biology than you.”

“I guess that’s why Batman saved me.” Said Hamilton. 

“I guess that’s why I should kill you now.” Said, Superman. “It won’t help, I gave Batman everything I know.”

“What is he planning?” Superman asked.

“I have no idea.” Said Hamilton. “He seemed particularly interested in how you absorb power from the sun. That’s all I can tell you. I have a gift.”

“A gift?” Asked Superman. 

“From Batman.” Said Hamilton handing Superman a small electronic device. “He wanted you to have it.”

“What is this?” Asked Superman. 

“You never knew this, but there was another ship from your home world.” Said Hamilton. It was badly damaged and the occupant was dead, but inside was this. We’ve analyzed it, but it only works for you, it would seem. I think it works by placing it on your temple.” Hamilton began walking out. “Kill me if you want. Otherwise, I’m leaving.”

Was this Batman’s weapon? Superman placed the device to his head. It was a database meant for someone named Kara Zor-El she was sent to protect Kal-El her cousin. Was that his real name? This was Batman’s weapon. He thought memories of Superman’s home world would change him. Make him soft. It didn’t in the database it offered little scientific knowledge, but it did offer two distinct forms of Kryptonian martial arts. It would be sweet to beat Batman at his own game. 

Part Four: The Final Showdown. 

“Superman!” called Batman from the ruined city of Gotham. He stood at the foot of Wayne tower. He looked over the city. He was it’s protector once a long time ago. Five years ago he destroyed it just so he could study Superman. The people were saved they could rebuild. It all came down to this moment. Rain fell down on the Ruins of Gotham City as Superman flew in. He was cautious this time. He didn’t rush into the fight like the last time good.

“Did you get your gift?” Asked Batman.

“I did.” Said, Superman. “Did you think it would change my mind?”

“No.” Said, Batman. “You know what happened to my parents. If somehow a recording or some kind of memento surfaced. I would have grateful to have it. When Hamilton told me there was a piece of your homeworld I thought you would like to have it.”

“Why?” Said, Superman. “I’m no friend of yours.”

“Even enemies can show kindness.” Said, Batman. “You lost a homeworld you knew nothing about, whatever our differences, you still deserve a chance to find out about it.”

“I see why so many people flock to your side.” Said, Superman. “You come off as this cold calculating person, but deep down you’re just… Soft.”

“Don’t tell anyone.” Said, Batman with a smirk.  

“Don’t worry” Said Superman. “After today there won’t be anyone to tell.” Superman launched a surprise attack his fist flying at supersonic speed right to the smug face of Batman. The blow sends out a shockwave that pushes back the rain and shakes the ground. Supermans blow is halted about a foot from Batman’s face. The rain fell back down around him “Lex Luthor’s shield technology?” 

“Modified.” Said, Batman. “It’s concentrated down to a small perimeter around me. Increasing it resistance factor by a magnitude of ten.”

“I think I can manage that.” Said, Superman. 


The battle is going badly for the Gotham resistance forces, Supermans Troops are pushing them from the capital back into the city.  “We’ve got a problem.” Said, Red Robin. “Someone must have told Supermans forces that we were coming.”

“Hold them off a little longer Tim!” Said, Nightwing “We are almost there.” Nightwing, Steel, Batgirl, Batwing, Guardian arrive in their own versions of power suits. All of them capable of flight with advanced weaponry they tear into Supermans forces.


Superman continues to pound on the force field. Hitting it with as much force as he could. The shield doesn’t give. “That won’t work, it’s a kinetic energy shield. It absorbs power from your blows. It also absorbs your heat vision.”

“Let’s see it absorb this!” Superman winds up for his most powerful attack the infinite mass punch. By vibrating his arm at Superspeed he gives his fist infinite mass he smashes into the force field and punches a fist size hole. He forces his other hand into the crack in the field and prays it open shattering the field. Batman is there at his mercy. Superman reaches out to him and he vanishes. “A hologram.” Three more Batmen walk up to him, this time they surround him walking around him in circles. Superman punches at them they all have their own shields.

“Now what?” They say in unison.

“Cute.” Said, Superman. “So it’s more tricks then?”

“Got to do something to even the odds.” The Batmen say in unison.

“I don’t suppose any of them are you?” Asked Superman.

“Only one way to find out.” Said, the Batmen.

“Maybe not.” Said, Superman. “Those fancy force fields got to draw a lot of power. I’m betting the generators aren’t inside them.” His X-ray vision is being blocked again, but the generators are taking a lot of power and if he concentrates hard enough he can see several of them hidden throughout the rubble. Batman planned to have this little game go on for a while. Superman switches from X-ray to heat vision but one of the Batmen block his attack.

“Not going to be that easy.” Said, all the Batmen. Several more appeared alongside them.

“Your little holograms can’t hurt me.” Said, Superman.

“Want to bet.” Thier force fields became electrified.


The resistance force with the aid of the armored heroes has taken control of the battlefield. The tide of battle is in their favor. That is when Lex Luthor steps onto the battlefield. In his full battle armor. “Do it.” He commands his army. Several transport trucks drop five circular pods on the ground. They are containment tanks inside.

“Oh look!” Said Nightwing. “It looks like it’s time for Luthor’s sudden but inevitable betrail.”

“Curs him!” Cries Batgirl.

The pod’s all open and inside there are five Superman clones inside.

“Yep.” Said Nightwing. “He made the clones.”

“How are we going to fight these guy’s?” Asked Guardian “We can’t even handle one!”

“Keep them occupied!” Called Nightwing. “We have to hold them off for a moment.”

The Superman clones flew out into battle. Each one was met by one of the heroes in power suits.


It took some effort. Whenever Superman tried to destroy the shield generators one of Batman’s Shielded holograms intervened. Blocking his heat vision, and his punches, worse whenever he made contact with any of the shields he received a nasty electric shock.

Superman began to travel at super speed. Even then the Holograms seemed to be able to guess his approach of attack. He had to think quickly and attack at random. But eventual he began to destroy the generators one by one. Until they were all gone.

“Too scared to face me yourself!?” Cried, Superman.

“I had to keep you occupied while I got ready.” Said, Batman. He stepped out in a large mechanized suit. Bat-Gundam Tim called it. It stood about fifteen feet high and had large rounded arms. It was covered in guns.

“A mech suit?” Asked Superman. “That’s hardly original.”

“I’m not going for original.” Said, Batman. An army of robotic Batdogs creeping out from behind them, all of them armed with weapons similar to what Batman used five years ago. “I’m going for effective.”

“Hen,” Laughed Superman. “You failed at that too.” Superman turned on his heat vision. It bounced off Batman’s armor.

“It’s a super composite metal involving Promethium and Nth metals.” Said, Batman.

“Where did you get Nth metal?” Asked superman.

“I have a supplier.” Said, Batman.


Batgirl in her super powered suit faced off against one of the Superman clones. The Clone made his move trying to grab her. She flipped backward and kicked him in the head. Her suit was well designed giving her the flexibility to monomer while giving her the strength to fight aginst the clone. “It’s a good thing these guys are unpracticed and not very intelligent, or this would have been over.”

“Batman’s right, for all his intelligence Luthor is obsessed with power.” Said Nightwing throwing a clone over his shoulder into a wall. “He doesn’t want intelligent Minions just strong ones.”

“What’s with these guys?” Asked Batwing. “Thier starting to look a little worse for wear.” The Superman Clones all began to change, their skin turning white and their faces distorting.  The didn’t lose any strength though.

“Batman’s ace said this would happen.” Said, Lucius Fox He Alfred and Robin were coordinating the battle from an offshore floating headquarters. “Supermans DNA has some kind of built-in safeguard that prevents cloning.”

“Built in?” Asked Batgirl. “You mean his DNA has been altered? Is that where he gets all his power?”

“It would appear so.” Said Steel, hitting his now distorted clone of Superman with his hammer. “Batman knows more but he thinks it might be some kind of weaponized DNA.”

“Just the thought of that is bizarro.” Said, Guardian. “So how do we beat these off-brand copies?”

“Get them as close as possible.” Said Fox. “Because they are flawed we worked up an agent that should cause them to break down on the molecular level. Batman had us make it as a precaution.”

“Everyone to me.” Said Nightwing.

Robin got into a Batjet. “I’m on my way.” He said.

The five hero’s lead the Bizzaro Supermen to Nightwings location. Batwing, Nightwing, Steel, Batgirl, and Guardian stood back to back with the Bizzaro Supermen surrounding them. Robin flew overhead in the jet. One of the Bizarro’s looked up to see it. Robin released the agent. Wich covered the area in a cloud of purple mist.

“Hmm.” Said the Bizarro’s confused by this. Then parts of their skin turned black and little veiny cracks grew on their faces. “Me am not feeling good.” Said the Bizarro. His body disintegrating to dust. The others did as well.


Superman clapped his hands together and a large shockwave ensued. It smashed apart several of the robot dogs that Batman had working for him. It was no good, the pieces seemed to recombined into new dogs and continued to attack. These were the same tactics from five years ago. The painful noise, the bright lights. Theos dam robot dogs were everywhere, biting him and flashing lights in his eye’s.  All the while Batman in his infernal suit was waiting in the wings. The suit had some kind of stealth tech, no way to detect it except a whirring sound the fist made before the attack.

Batman watched his prey carefully. His suit was good, but he had to wait for a good opening. The fist of the Bat Gundam retracted into the arm. The arm was made of a high-powered turbine it propelled the fist forward at supersonic speed to hit the target with amazing force. It was essentially a railgun and the fist was a bullet. He waited for Superman to be distracted and he took his shot. 

Superman heard the whir of an electric turbine. He only had a moment to react. Even with his speed, he didn’t move fast enough. The fist slammed into him and he went flying through several walls and destroyed buildings. 

Superman concentrated on the sound of the dogs blinding weapons the made a kind of charging noise before firing. He made sure to look away when that happened. He waited till he heard the sound of Batman’s suit again. There it was. He grabbed the arm and flipped the whole hulking mass over his shoulder. It too flew through walls and buildings. “Kryptonian Martial Arts.” Said, Superman.

“Touché.” Said, Batman.

“I know what you’re doing Bruce.” Said, Superman. 

“Figured it out did you?” Asked Batman righting himself. His Robot dogs gathering at his side they seemed to temporarily turn off their noise and light attacks. 

“You’re trying to get me to use all my power before sunrise.” Said, Superman. 

“Data from our fight five years ago suggested that you put out a lot of power when your fighting. More power than you could have possibly absorbed from the sun. Hamilton theorized that once your cells become sufficiently saturated they begin to store energy in a pocket dimension. Theoretically, there are an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of Supermen all storing energy in the same pocket dimension giving you access to infinite power. However accessing that energy drains the power stored in your cells. If I can keep you from recharging you’ll run out of super power.”

“I won’t let that happen.” Said, Superman. 

“Try and stop me.” Said, Batman, his suit going invisible. 

Superman listened for the sound of the turbine but he heard nothing, nothing at all. Batman’s punch came without warning. Superman flew through the air smashing into buildings. Even as he did there was no sound as he smashed into them. He finally landed and skidded to a halt. In frustration, Superman stood up to curse Batman’s name. There was no sound. Sound cancellation. The Batdog’s they no longer attacked him just stayed close by. This was impossible. Every time Superman figured out what Batman was doing Batman just changed tactics. Even if Superman did destroy Batmans suit how many more surprises did he have hidden in this wasted city of his. This wasn’t working. 

He contrasted he had to wait until the very last second. Batman’s fist smashed into him, he landed and waited again, and again Batman got him. Finally a split second before Batman’s attack he saw a slight shimmer. Even at that he only just dodged Batman’s attack. He clenched his fist and knocked Batman in the air. He flew up next to him and with his fist clenched together Superman batted Batman battle mech out over the ocean. He followed it punching it and punching it further and further over the ocean.


“Very good.” Said Lex clapping at the destruction of his Supermen he was wearing his power suit modeled after Superman’s costume. “I’ll have to work on that little flaw in the next generation.”

“Not a chance.” Said Nightwing. “It’s five aginst one. Give up.”

“Five aginst one?” Said Luthor. “More like one aginst none.” He activated a button on his belt. The super suits of Batgirl, Nightwing, Guardian, and Batwing froze in place unable to move. “It was a mistake to let me work on your suits. I put in a backdoor program that lets me shut them down whenever I want.

“Backdoor dealings sound like just your style.” Said Steel stepping forward. “You didn’t work on my suit.”

“No.” Said Luthor. “You wouldn’t let me. Smart move I must admit, but I saw all your designs I know all your secrets. You won’t beat me.”

“It’s not the suit Luthor. It’s the man.” Said Steel.

“Looks like we won’t get to find out.” Said Luthor motioning behind Steel. One of the Bizarro’s had somehow survived and was standing next to Batgirl.

“Ugly lady! Me get you present!” Bizarro held out a wilted flower. “It ugly! You hate!?”

“Uh… Thanks.” Said Batgirl still frozen.

“Superman!” Called Luther.

“Me?” Aske Bizarro.

“Yes, you!” Said Luther. “This man is your enemy. Destroy him.”

“Em-neh-meh?” Asked Bizarro.

“Yes. He is your enemy, and I am your friend!” Luthor was getting visibly annoyed.

“Him Enemy. You Frend.”

“It’s hard to get good help these days.” Said Steel.


“Yes!” Said Luthor. “Help me!” Bizarro’s eyes shined with a blue light. In a moment Luthor was frozen in ice. Trapped. Before anyone knew what to do Bizarro smashed it into a thousand pieces. Luther was destroyed by his own creation.

“Help friends!” Said, Bizzaro. “Destroy en-na-meees!” And he gave Steel a big hug his massive strength threatening to crush Steel like a tin can.  With Luthor gone Steel helped the others get their suits back online. While Bizzaro “helped” supermans forces until they surrendered. The day had been won by the resistance.

Somewhere over the ocean:

Batman had ben knocked out by the g-force of supermans first blow. He woke up to see Superman punching his suit again. He reached grabbing Superman as he came in for another attack. Batman forced the both of them to go careening out of control they smashed into the French shoreline.

They got up, but Batman’s stealth systems were gone. Superman was angry he did not hold back. Promethium was said to be nearly indestructible Superman tore one of the Bat Gundam’s arms off with little effort. Batman could only eject as Superman used the arm to smash into the suit repeatedly until the mech was a smoldering crater. Batman’s chair landed on the ground not far away. He made no attempt to run.

Superman discarded the arm and flew over at superspeed picking up Batman by the neck. “Your little toy is smashed to bits, and any other nasty tricks you may have planned for me are back in that disaster area you call a city.” As Batman struggled in his arm Superman gestured to the new light cresting the ridge. “Look at that it’s a new dawn, Batman. Dawning on a new world. A world without Batman. It is over…” Supermans’ eyes began to glow.

“It’s over…” Said Barman taking something from his utility belt and placing it on Supermans’ chest. “For you.” The device opened and a black ooze began to seep out. As soon as it touched Superman it began growing.

Superman dropped Batman. He grabbed at whatever it was on his chest a black sticky ooze. He tried to rip it off but the more he touched it the more it seemed to get everywhere. “What is this?” He said in Panic. 

“Solar Nanites.” Said, Batman. “They absorbed solar radiation for power and you are the closest source. They are going to leech off the rest of your power.”

Superman flew into the air he began to spin. The force of his spinning created a gust of wind that sent Batman flying. Batman used his grappling hook to grab onto a nearby light pole. The force of his spinning created a force. Knowing that Superman could still hear him Batman said. “That won’t work you need to spin at least ten thousand rps to remove those nanites. Maybe at full power, you could, but you’ve spent all your power.”

Superman stopped spinning and fell to the ground. The Nineties completely covered him. He couldn’t breathe. He used his heat vision to blast through them, but as soon as he did they cover his eyes again. “You won’t be able to blast them off either.” Said, Batman. “And you won’t be able to burn them off in the sun. You don’t have enough speed to reach it in time.”

Superman couldn’t think of a single thing to save himself. This was it Batman had beaten him. Panic began to wash over him. That when he felt it the last of his energy welling up inside him. The power grew and grew until he could no longer contain it.

Batman watches Superman as he struggled. He checked the computer on his wrist. As expected there was an exponential power spike. This was it. Batman made his way to the crater that was his Bat Gundam. He hid behind a large piece of metal.

Superman’s solar flare exploded all around him destroying the Nanites and most of the shoreline. When it was over he was at the center of a smoking crater. “What was that?” He asked.

“You didn’t know you could do that.” Said, Batman coming out of hiding.

“What was that?” Asked Superman.

“Solar Flare. For lack of a better description.” Said, Batman. “Hamilton theorized that as a final defense the same cells that give you heat vision could release all your power in one big blast.”

“Hamilton again?” Said, Superman. “I really hate that guy.”

“If you listened to him instead of trying to kill him things might have been different.” Said, Batman. “I had everything else, the shields, the dogs, the suit, the nanites. I had everything in place but I didn’t dare use it. There was always the slight chance that you could find a way out. I couldn’t take a chance on you getting away. I wouldn’t get a second chance.” Batman walked right up to Superman without fear.

“You won’t get a first one.” Said Superman taking the opportunity to though a punch at Batman. Batman caught his fist and gave it a twist sending pain rocketing through his arm.

“You used your power. It’s all gone.” Said, Batman. “The Solar Flare was the key, get you to use it and your grounded for a few days.”

“I’m not defenseless.” Said Superman sweeping Batman’s legs out from under him. “It’s better this way. I can beat you as a man, so the world knows that even with no powers I’m better than them. Imagine it, your gift to me will be your undoing.”

Superman fought well, perhaps the Warriors of Krypton knew some skills that earth had not, but in the end, Superman learned his skill from a computer it was implanted into his head. He had to think about it. Batman had years of practice at his side, movement blocking was second nature he didn’t have to think about it. In the end, Superman fell at his feet. Broken.

“It’s done.” Said, Batman. “Into his radio.”

“We’re in earth orbit.” Said a voice. “We’re tracking your location.”

The lanterns tried to take on Superman, but he banished them from his world. They would not enter earths atmosphere unless he was defeated. They had a special cell far, far away from any star. On every screen, people saw the monster that had ruled their world as he was lead away in chains. People rejoiced as the end of UWO. With the help of the bat family, the world comes together as United Nations of Gotham. Nightwing, Batgirl, Gardin, Steel, Batwing, Aquaman, Talia and even Robin Form a council and act as advisors to the world’s elected leaders. The first elected President of this new world is Tim Drake, AKA Red Robin.

Batman returns to Gotham and rebuilds it he stays as the city’s protector ever vigilant.

The End. 

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