Dear Facebook.

Dear Facebook, you recently disapproved my ad promoting my book Smoke: The Cannabis Detective. On the grounds that I am promoting an “illegal” drug.

First, I would like to note the drug in question is legal in the area I am promoting my book, Colorado.

Second, I am not promoting a drug. I’m promoting a book, I am promoting medical research, and I am promoting the idea that stereotypes surrounding some individuals are false and need to be reexamined. Nowhere in my ad do I express the idea that people should use cannabis.

I know the subject matter of my book is controversial, I intended it that way. But I would like to note that Facebook is no stranger to controversy. Moreover, if you ban my book because of content, would you then ban Hunter S Thompsons: “Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas?” If the owners wanted to create an add on your site.

But what really galls me is the ad I saw a few months ago promoting the show Adam Ruins Everything. That leads me to this video:

Video on Facebook.

Is my book about a Detective who smokes Marijuana not fit content for your readers? Are you telling me that if Showtime wanted to run an ad for its TV show “Weeds” It would be denied? I would like to note that Weeds is a show about people who grow and smoke Marijuana illegally, and my character does not violate the law with his activities.  Please reconsider.


This was a letter I was going to send to Facebook because they disapproved my ad for my book. I would like to note that they have approved my ad, and ran it before I finished this letter. Stil I am of corse still posting it because I want people to see what I was going to say in response to the denial.

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