The Next Phase!

The time has come to implement the next phase of my plan for world domination! (bwa-ha-ha!)

Do you know what had 900 views in its first month? My Blog! Actually staring starting on June 9th! I finished the month just shy of  1000 views and a large part of that is thanks to my Story Blog: Smoke: The Cannabis Detective.
I created this project because I have quite a few friends who smoke cannabis are avid readers.

This is a largely untapped market due to social stigma. Most people don’t associate cannabis use with intelligence and the desire to read.

This is a property for cannabis uses and about cannabis, that shows them in a positive light. Two heroes that solve crimes and do it with their wits.

Smoke: The Cannabis Detective has an average of 15 views a day this is one of my fastest growing readerships.

This is a story that people are interested in and I’ve already gotten an overwhelmingly positive response.  I recent
ly ran a test ad on face book for this story and over two day’s I got 7 likes in Colorado alone.

This proves the marketability of this book. That’s right. I’ve already got the first book ready to go, and I’m looking for a publishing partner.

This is a project I’m absolutely cretin would do well in crowdfunding circles, but I’m not just in this for myself. I believe strongly in medical cannabis research and  I want to make use this book to help that cause.

That’s where you come in. You have the resources to make this happen, with your distribution we could use a dollar of the sails to fund medical cannabis, and with your marketing and distribution abilities we could increase STCD reach and do a lot more good.

This product has amazing potential and I’ve already created a market for it!

Help me help people and show the world that medical cannabis users are a viable market.

This book will live and it will do well, the real question is are you going to be a part of that amazing journey? Thank you for your Consideration.

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