What’s next?

With the completion of Grandma Fisher’s Oddities, we get a better idea of how I want to run things around here. Serials are limited and only published is smaller story arcs. This I hope makes my story blogs less intimidating to new readers. Instead of picking up the story at GFO #7000 they will see the current story arch  #30 and that’s more manageable. Should they like it they may see that there is several story arch’s to back read but they can do so at their leisure.

Continuity will flow between arch’s, but there may be occasional off continuity arch’s if I feel a story needs to be told but it doesn’t quite fit in the main story.

There might even be multiple story continuities should the need arise. For instance, I have a full run of Smoke: The Cannabis Detective books planned, but depending on how quickly I get them out it may be problematic for the serial to be ever evolving. There is a definite timeline for the books and if it takes me nine years to publish them all (hopefully not) it may get confusing having all the serials take place between book one and book two.

Contrarywise, If all the major events happen in the books the Story Blog may become stagnant and unreadable because nothing ever changes. This is all speculative naturally. Right now the book and the blog are playing happily together and I see no reason to change that. I’m merely pointing out the flexibility that keeping story arch’s short affords me and you the readers.

  • Readers Chose Whats Next!

But enough of my banter you came here to chose your destiny, or my destiny or the destiny of the characters…

The point is there’s a destiny that needs choosing and you’re going to be the one to do it.

This is an important decision so you best be informed about it.

You can way in here: https://twitter.com/mjp6btw/status/888559106574893056

  • Grandma Fishers Oddities: Penny’s Tale.

Think the story is over? Think again what weird new twist does or favorite serial killer grandma have in store for us, and… Wait! I thought Penny was a figment of Tobie’s imagination. Who is this girl that seems to have taken his place!? Find out in Penny’s Tale.

  • The Perfect Drug: Junkie.
The police of City number Nine have a drug problem. The drug only known as Radioactive is flooding the city. Giving its users super powers. Gang violence has reached an all time high. That’s when a new designer drug hits the market one that transforms its users into ultraviolet super heroes. Follow the story of one of these heroes as he becomes addicted to a new drug: crime fighting. 

  • Vampire Apocalypse: Hope is found.
Tired of living in the shadows vampires use a nuclear Apocalypse to create a world of forever night. The human race becomes nothing but mere cattle, but there is a problem, human blood is losing its potency. It can no longer sustain the thirst of their vampire masters. It is up to the former servant of a vampire queen to find hope and perhaps save both races. 
  • Vexx and the God Engine: Meta-Mutant Virus.
The universe has had many God’s good gods, kind gods, dark god, and evil gods, but one God committed an act so terrible all the other gods came together and cursed him. Vexx has a dark plan that spans universes and eons, and he has created the mysterious God Engine to help him in goals. Now his dark designs bring him to earth, and a lowly teenage boy named Tate Simmons
Infecting him with a virus that combines the power of Meta-humans and Mutants. 
Meta-Humans who get super powers through a stable gene in their DNA. While their powers are impressive and they have a good deal of control their power is limited.
Mutant powers often have a great deal of power, but their abilities can be unpredictable. Even horrific. Mutant powers very wildly and they often have harsh side effects.
The Meta-Mutant virus combines the best aspects of both giving a great deal of power with a high degree of control.

You can way in here: https://twitter.com/mjp6btw/status/888559106574893056

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