Where I’ve been.

Sorry for falling off the map for a few days. I didn’t mean to slack off, but I swear it was for a good cause. I will be self-publishing my book Smoke: The Cannabis Detective soon!

First,  let me explain something about myself, I’ve been having some major sleep issues for a while now. These issues manifest themselves as a sort of sleep attack, I don’t know how else to describe them.  It started last year when to my dismay I began falling asleep on the job. Now my job was airport security and this was monumentally not good. At first, I blamed the problem on pore sleeping habits and tried to correct them getting the proper sleep. Despite my best efforts, I found it increasingly hard to stay awake at work, I spent most of my day trying to fight off sleepiness anyway I could, mostly by pacing and keeping myself moving.

Around this time TSA introduced new medical guidelines one of them stating that TSA employees could not have untreated sleep apnea. I’ve known for years that I was a prime candidate for sleep apnea and I felt that it could be related to my problem staying awake.I got tested and the results said I stop breathing sixty-eight times an hour on average.

I may one day relate the story of how I came to terminate my employment with TSA, but suffices to say I did not feel like they took the problem seriously.

Now although I have acquired a CPAP since then, my sleep issues are still present. I still have sleep attacks during the day sometimes. For the most part, they’ve been manageable. If I have too much of an issue I just take a nap, but stress can make the problem a lot worse.

The other side of the issue is that I’m homeless, I’m trying to do something about it but am in the early stages of all plans as of yet. Me and three of my children are staying with friends, but unfortunately, that means we have to share living and sleeping space. I was doing alright during the summer when my kids were staying up later, but now that school has started a huge chunk of my production time is lost because the place where I work is the place where the kids sleep.

So I was keeping up with my daily post for the most part but, my long term projects (like publishing my book.) were beginning to suffer. Missing my self-imposed deadline for publishing stressed me out. In days past stress could be a powerful motivator for me, and I could get a lot done. Now the more stressed out I get the harder it is to get anything done.  Even if I could fight the sleepiness I couldn’t remain focused and my work began to suffer.

So I became like Elsa and I let it go. I must adapt to my new normal and the best way to do that is to eliminate stress so I can have more production time. I stopped working on my blog, even though I know my readership must have suffered, and I concentrated on my book for a few day’s getting it ready for publication.  The hard part is over it’s in review now. Provided they say it’s okay and it looks good I should have it out in a few days.

So that’s what has been going on with me.  I’m trying to get my crap together I will be back soon!

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