Nine Houses Part Two: A Bad Night in Darkmon


Nine Houses The Lost House.

Okay now that my Latest Book Project is published, I can get back to business. I’m getting back into the world of Nine Houses. If you read part one the story left off with our hero’s Zek, Valen and Delectrose arriving in Darkmon the city on the edge of the Forgotten Marsh. Seeking answers as to why the unread of the world have grown restless and are plaguing the living in larger numbers every day.

The citizens of Darkmon were not happy to see them though, they seemed to blame our band of adventures of the grim night to come. How will the city and our heroes survive the terror that awaits in the mist?

Nine Houses ABNID update #1
By Michael J Pennington.

Part Two: A Bad Night in Darkmon.

Darkmon was the city on the edge of the Forgotten Marsh, The marsh was one of the places in the world rumored to be truly evil, all who ventured into its thick gray fog never returned alive; many though did return undead.  The inhabitants of Darkmon hid within its thick walls made of gigantic trees sharpened to fine points.  The walls were thick and sturdy and could take a lot of punishment, but tonight they would not be enough.

Phoenix Gal-Thorn was a thief in good standing with the Thieves Consortium, one of the Eight houses of the Therimin Empire. While a guild of thieves they served the empire by maintaining control over the empire’s crimes.  Phoenix had been sent to deal with some bandits who were operating outside the Consorums rules when hoards of undead forced her to seek shelter in Darkmon. She led a thin and young looking boy whit red hair to the keep, a keep if you looked at it closely enough resembled more a giant shack than a castle.

Nine Houses ABNID update #2
By Michael J Pennington.

“You are a necromancer?” Asked the thief lowering her hood for the first time. She was a small woman but her eyes were a formidable blue. She had long straight blond hair kept neatly into a pony tail. Delectrose could not be sure but her ears showed the slightest hint of elvish points.

“Yes.” Said Delectrose, his companion he called Number One a undead corpse that was following him.

“Good!” Said the thief, that was a first no one was ever glad to see a necromancer. “Do you know how to cast spells?”

“Some, they are really more prayers at this point.” Said Delectrose.

“That won’t work, The Patron of fate is missing only spells will help.” Said Phoenix.

“How did you…” Begin to ask Delectrose.

“Know the Empires most guarded secret?” Asked Phoenix. “My last necromancer told me. She also left me this.” Phoenix opened a door guarded by two men and in the room on a pedestal sat a red book. It looked ancient its bindings dusty and dry but still in good condition.

Delectrose recognized it immediately. “Where did you get that?”

Nine Houses ABNID update #3
By Michael J Pennington.

“Your name is Delectrose.” Said Phoenix. “Isn’t it?”

“Was she here?” Asked Delectrose.

“An elfin woman with black hair?” Asked Phoenix. “Yes. Kaylona was here. She spoke of you, she said that you may one day come. That I should trust you.”

“Do you trust me?” Asked Delectrose.

“No, Kaylona took my brother into the marsh never to return. Sit down and give me your leg.” Said Phoenix pointing at a chair. Delectrose did as he was told. “I hope you appreciate this.” Phoenix placed a shackle on his leg one that was chained to the pedestal the book was resting on. “Iron is in short supply.

Nine Houses ABNID update #4
By Michael J Pennington.

“Why did you do that?” Asked Delectrose. Looking at the shackle on his leg.

“You are a necromancer. Can you read ancient Blood Elf?” Said Phoenix handing him the book.

“Yes of course.” Said Delectrose. “Kaylona taught me.”

“Good.” Said Phoenix, opening the book and handing it Delectrose “This is the spell you want.”

Delectrose looked at the spell. “This is a protection spell.”

“Yes.” Said Phoenix, “Learn it quickly, there’s not much time. You’ll need this.” She handed him a dagger.

“What’s this for?” Delectrose asked.

“The spell requires blood to work.” Said Phoenix.

“Whose blood?” Asked Delectrose.

“Not mine.” Said Phoenix walking out of the room.

Nine Houses ABNID update #5
By Michael J Pennington.

Zek and Valen were escorted to the town’s jail. Half the building was destroyed, but some of the cells were intact. Even if they wanted to resist they were both too exhausted, they were then placed inside one of the cells.

The guard left the door open.

“You’re not going to jail us?” Asked Zek.

“A Dread Knight and a high-level mage?” Asked the Guard. “What’s the point? These are the only open beds right now.”

“Where did you take our friend?” Asked Valen.

“He’s going to the keep.” Said The guard. “I hope your friend knows his stuff. We need a necromancer tonight.”

“He’s been less than useless.” Said Valen. “What can he do?”

“Until we lost her our necromancer was our best defense. They have powers over the undead. If he can harness them we may yet see the tomorrows sun.”

“You told us something is coming, what is it?”Asked Zek.

Nine Houses ABNID update #6
By Michael J Pennington.

The guard looked at the Mage and the Dread Knight. “At first we didn’t realize what was happening. We destroyed the dead as was how we were told to fight them. These ones though they’re different… When you destroy them they come back more powerful. Their essences combine together to make stronger and stronger monsters.”

Zek struggled to sit up. “How is this possible?”

“We don’t know.” Said the guard. “The other necromancer said something about a terrible power rising in the Forgotten Marsh.”

“No necromancer could control that many undead from so far away.” Said Zek.

“I only know what has been said and what I’ve seen. Right now outside our walls, the essence of the undead you destroyed is gathering it’ll form into a terrible monster and try to destroy the city. Rest. We may need your strength before dawn if your friend fails.” The guard said Solomly

“I thought you didn’t like us.” Said Valen.

“I don’t, but you are here and tonight we need all the help we can get.”

Nine Houses ABNID update #7
By Michael J Pennington.

Delectrose flipped through the book, “Blood magic. Why didn’t Kayla show me this?” He looked up at his undead companion. “Do you think she wanted to protect me or keep me away from this stuff? What do you think number one?”

The undead moaned in response.

“Well, of course, you would say that.” He kept reading. “While Corael is our patron, it is wise to remember the potency of Beruus…” He paused. “Beruus is old elvish for red, sometimes blood.” He kept reading. “Beruus, magic is potent and provided many things, protection, or to summon the unnamed to you or even call the named dead home…” He shook his head Turning the book sideways. “That’s not it, it’s more like dwelling of the soul… or personal heaven?”

He looked at number one. “That’s it!” He shouted. “This book hints at a spell that would let Necromancers guide souls to their fate!” He turned the pages looking for the spell, all he found was torn edges in its place. Someone had removed them.

Nine Houses ABNID update #8
By Michael J Pennington.

“What are you doing?!” Asked Phoenix.

“What happened to the spell that was here?” Asked Delectrose.

“That’s not what you were supposed to be doing!” Said Phoenix.

“Yes, yes the protection spell…” Said Delectrose. “I read it it was very barbaric. Using blood to draw a circle and what not.”

“So you can do it.” Said Phoenix.

“I believe so.” Said Delectrose.

“Then do it!” Phoenix demanded. “There’s not much time.”

Delectrose looked up with a deadly stair. “No.”

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