Eat the Food! Flavor of Pain.


Part Two: Flavor of Pain.

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Eat The Food! TFOP #1
By Michael J Pennington.

Group B:

Weeks had passed since the incident in the hospital and Alice didn’t know what to think, that’s when she could think about it. A fog had besieged her mind, the conversation she had with Will her husband seemed distant like a different world.  Just like the world, she knew before the world of people and cars and life. These thoughts were pushed away by her new reality, a world not of life, only survival.

“Hey, Colt?” Asked Alice.

“What is it?” Said colt, he was sitting in his makeshift office, reviewing a computer screen.

“I was going to ask if I can requisition a bandage?” Alice Asked.

“Are you injured?” Asked Colt.

“No. It’s just…” She shook her head. “I’m going on a mission and running with loose boob’s is not a good survival strategy. I need a bandage so I can bind them.”

“Permission granted. I’ll let Tod know, Erica is on that mission as well she’ll need one too.” Said Colt. “Update the list of things to look for with sports bras and cups.”

“Thanks. Will do.” Said Alice, she had accepted Colt as her leader now. In many ways, he seemed more real than anything else in the world.

Eat The Food! TFOP #2
By Michael J Pennington.


Group B:

Alice went to lunch and when she came back she stopped by Tod, they guy Colt had put in charge of supplies. He had two bandages for her.  She took one over to Erica.

“What’s this for?” Asked Erica.

“Your boob’s” Said Alice.

“How’d you get Colt to okay that?” Asked Erica.

“I asked him.” Said Alice.

“Was that all?” Erica smiled when she said it.

“Okay.” Said Alice. “One if there was anymore it’s none of your business, and two I’m not ready to forget about… my…” Alice knew she was just thinking about something very important but she couldn’t remember it now.

“Forget about what?” Asked Alice.

“I don’t know.” Said Alice. “What were we talking about?”

“Beat’s me.” Said Erica. “let’s just get ready for the mission.”


Eat The Food! TFOP #4
By Michael J Pennington.

Group A:

The ventilation shaft took Will and Sam took another part of the hospital no zombies in sight. “Where the hell is Colt?” Asked Sam as he crawled out.

“How the fuck should we know!?” said Jackie who was standing with Alex in what was a broom closet.

“He just disappeared…” Said Alex. “He didn’t go through the vent, we had to pull the cover off it.”

Will crawled out of the shaft, he could hear the conversation. “He couldn’t have gotten through the front door we were all watching it.”

“What the hell were you doing back there, having a conversation with one of those braineaters?” Asked Sam.

“It was my wife…” Said Will.

Eat The Food! TFOP #5
By Michael J Pennington.

Group A:

“Your wife?” Asked Sam.

“How did your zombified wife follow us all the way to the hospital?”

“I don’t know, but it was definitely her.” Said Will.

“Maybe they have some kind of homing beacon?” Asked Alex. “Like they are somehow drawn to people they know.”

“Horseshit!” Said Sam. “That’s horseshit! They are mindless zombies they can’t follow people around.”

“How the fuck you think all this happened?” Asked Jackie. “I’d say this is some magic as shit right here.”

“No, it’s not!” Said Sam. “Peter put some kind of zombie virus in the food. The people who ate it got infected and they infected more people by biting and scratching them.”

“Do you really believe a bite and scratch disease could have infected the whole world in just a few days? This is not a movie! It doesn’t have to work like that.”

“It’s easier to believe that than some fucking magic ass shit.” Said Sam.

“Guys!” Said Will. “We have to go!”

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