Eat The Food! TFOP #4

Eat The Food! TFOP #4
By Michael J Pennington.

Group A:

The ventilation shaft took Will and Sam took another part of the hospital no zombies in sight. “Where the hell is Colt!?” Asked Sam as he crawled out.

“How the fuck should we know!?” said Jackie who was standing with Alex in what was a broom closet.

“He just disappeared…” Said Alex. “He didn’t go through the vent, we had to pull the cover off it.”

Will crawled out of the shaft, he could hear the conversation. “He couldn’t have gotten through the front door we were all watching it.”

“What the hell were you doing back there, having a conversation with one of those braineaters?” Asked Sam.

“It was my wife…” Said Will.

Get caught up here!

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