Nine Houses ABNID update #7

Nine Houses ABNID update #7
By Michael J Pennington.

Delectrose flipped through the book, “Blood magic. Why didn’t Kayla show me this?” He looked up at his undead companion. “Do you think she wanted to protect me or keep me away from this stuff? What do you think number one?”

The undead moaned in response.

“Well, of course, you would say that.” He kept reading. “While Corael is our patron, it is wise to remember the potency of Beruus…” He paused. “Beruus is old elvish for red, sometimes blood.” He kept reading. “Beruus, magic is potent and provided many things, protection, or to summon the unnamed to you or even call the named dead home…” He shook his head Turning the book sideways. “That’s not it, it’s more like dwelling of the soul… or personal heaven?”

He looked at number one. “That’s it!” He shouted. “This book hints at a spell that would let Necromancers guide souls to their fate!” He turned the pages looking for the spell, all he found was torn edges in its place. Someone had removed them.

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