STCD Fresh Prints #14

STCD Fresh Prints #14
By Michael J Pennington

We didn’t stay long just long enough to get a to-go bag and then Victoria had a limo pick us up. “I hope you don’t mind the limo, it’s a bit flashy but my clients expect it.” She said. “I’ve built an empire based on my reputation, and appearances help. Though I only really use it when I have a top level client or I want to talk while in transit.”

“I’ve never ridden in a limo outside of a funeral that is,” I said.

“It get’s old.” Said Victoria. “I prefer to drive myself most days.”

“We should call Charles.” Said Gwen. “He still thinks we’re at the restaurant.”

“Is Charles your driver?” Asked Victoria.

“He’s a friend,” I said. “A police officer, but he’s had some issues with that. He gave us a ride today and was asking us if he could be our bodyguard between gigs.”

“Is it a possible discrimination case?” Asked Victoria. “Forced retirement? Possibly because he’s openly homosexual?”

“Yes.” Said Gwen. “How did you know?”

“I was looking over that case this morning.” She said. “My firm is handling it. Be a big help if my client could show his ability to protect and serve is not compromised.”

“Wait,” I said. “Was this your idea?” I asked.

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