STCD Fresh Prints #15

STCD Fresh Prints #15
By Michael J Pennington

“No.” Said Victora. “I had no idea that my client knew you or of his request, but a good lawyer knows how to take advantage of a situation.”

“How do you do it?” Gwen asked. “How do you think about work like a time like this?”

Victoria gave a big sigh. “I know it might not be emotionally healthy but work is the only thing keeping me sane right now.”

That was it. The thing bugging me about this case, this mission to save her nephew was a smoke screen, a barrier keeping her from facing the reality of her husband’s death, and more the death of her sister. If we couldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear this case could go south real fast.

In a way, this case was uniquely Gwen’s. She was alway the detective, I’m just the resource, but she’s also an empath if anyone can help Victora though this it was her.

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