Eat The Food! TFOP #5

Eat The Food! TFOP #5
By Michael J Pennington.

“Your wife?” Asked Sam.

“How did your zombified wife follow us all the way to the hospital?”

“I don’t know, but it was definitely her.” Said Will.

“Maybe they have some kind of homing beacon?” Asked Alex. “Like they are somehow drawn to people they know.”

“Horseshit!” Said Sam. “That’s horseshit! They are mindless zombies they can’t follow people around.”

“How the fuck you think all this happened?” Asked Jackie. “I’d say this is some magic as shit right here.”

“No, it’s not!” Said Sam. “Peter put some kind of zombie virus in the food. The people who ate it got infected and they infected more people by biting and scratching them.”

“Do you really believe a bite and scratch disease could have infected the whole world in just a few days? This is not a movie! It doesn’t have to work like that.”

“It’s easier to believe that than some fucking magic ass shit.” Said Sam.

“Guys!” Said Will. “We have to go!”

Get caught up here!

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