STCD Fresh Prints #17

STCD Fresh Prints #17
By Michael J Pennington

“Hey!” Said Gwen. “My husband and I are partners!”

“That’s right! If I’m a clown she’s a clown too…” Gwen looked at me in surprise. Though I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh. “That sounded better in my head. Where it should have stayed.” Okay. I knew better than to say it but that was funny.

The Sargent rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry to imply that he was… in charge.” He looked at Gwen. “Do you still sell that honey? My wife wants more, she say’s its the best.”

Gwen took out a card from her purse. “This is Kelly, she runs the stand for Lars, she’s terrific, call her and she’ll get you set up.”

“How many business cards do you have in that purse?” I asked.

“Lot’s.” Said Gwen.

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