STCD Fresh Prints #18

STCD Fresh Prints #18
By Michael J Pennington

Finally, we sat in the room with Victora’s Nephew Dillion. Dill for short. He might have been trying to look tuff, but he was barely keeping it together. He was a scared young man. The work killer didn’t come to mind when you looked at him. Or perhaps I was being drawn in by his youthful appearance. “Dillon sweetheart, I told you I’d get someone to help and here they are.”

“You go me the honey lady from the commercial?” He said looking at Gwen. I was a little relieved that he didn’t recognize me first.

“Yeah, the commercial thing is a side gig.” Said Gwen. “My husband and I solve crimes.”

“Hey, your that guy!” Dill said. “The ghost guy!” He looked at his ant. “Not that I approve of the consumption of Cannabis.”

Victora laughed.

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