STCD Fresh Prints #19

STCD Fresh Prints #19
By Michael J Pennington

“You know if you get the T.V. deal you can’t say things like that.” Said Victora.

“T.V. Deal?” I asked.

“He was in talks with a producer to become a star of the new show. The Dank Duke.”

“That’s not going to happen now.” Said Dill.

“Isn’t he a little young for a show on cannabis?” I asked.

“The show was going to explore the world of underaged pot smoking in a legal state.” Said Victoria. “The ‘weed’ was going to be fake.”

“You were okay with this?” I asked.

“We encourage our kids to follow their dreams. Dill is a popular D.J. as well. Preston was overjoyed that Dill was going to have his own T.V. show on Netflix.”

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