STCD Fresh Prints #20

STCD Fresh Prints #20
By Michael J Pennington

“Yeah, they said the show was going to be super popular.” Said Dill. “We’ll never know now.”

Victora looked just a little bit guilty. “The show is still on.”

“They found someone to replace me?!” Dill was shocked.

“It’s you cousin Claton.” Said Victora.

“What?!” Asked Dill.

“The producer said that the show was going to be canceled so Claton volunteered to take your place.” Said Victora.

“But he can’t even act his way out of a paper bag aunt Victora.” Said Dill beside himself.

“Swee Dill, it’s only until we get this whole mess cleaned up.” Said Victoria.

“That is not how it works!” Said Dill. “If Claton starts as the shows star it’ll be all about him. If they use me at all I’ll just be the plucky comic relief.”

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