STCD Fresh Prints #22

STCD Fresh Prints #22
By Michael J Pennington

Well, we had a place to start at the least. Dill recanted that night as best he could. He was playing his game until late and then he went to bed. He was awakened later by one of the house servants who found Preston. He came to see what happened. The police then reviewed the camera footage and placed him under arrest.

Victora took us to her office next. She wasn’t handling the case but one of her best lawyers was. Victora was working in the background. This way she had access to anything pertaining to the case without asking she showed us a copy of the security camera.

It was pretty damning. Dill walked into the room while Peston kept his back turned, he stabbed his uncle three times. Then he dropped the knife and left. Even if I contacted Preston, and he said it wasn’t Dill, how could Gwen and I prove it in the face of this evidence? The knot in my stomach was growing tighter.

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