Nine Houses ABNID update #9

Nine Houses ABNID update #8
By Michael J Pennington.

Phoenix moved so fast her movements were imperceptible to Delectrose in what seemed a blink of an eye she had kicked the chair out from under the necromancer and thrown him against the wall. She held a dagger fast to his throat, Delctrose could feel the coldness of the steel against his skin, and a burning that told him the dagger was enchanted. “Do not try to be brave with me!” She said.

“I’m a necromancer.” Said Delectrose. “Death doesn’t frighten me.” Delectrose bluffed.

“You like your corps! I’ll burn it!” Said Phoenix.

“I can bring him back, I read a spell that lets me do it.” Said Delectrose.

“Not without this!” Said Phoenix, holding up the book.

“Funny thing.” Said Delectrose. “I have perfect recall of anything I’ve already read. Made school easy, the other kids hated me.”

“I can see why.” Said Phoenix. ”

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