STCD Fresh Prints #24

STCD Fresh Prints #24
By Michael J Pennington

There was no guarantee that I would see anything, sometimes ghost doesn’t want to be seen. This was the awkward part of the job, everyone was staring at me, there was no time limit no normal just me waiting to see something.

As I sat in Preston’s chair I saw nothing. I was wondering if the death was too fresh or if maybe he was one of the people that didn’t come back as a ghost. That’s when Dill walked into the room. The door was closed so he walked through it. He was decked out in the same clothes he was wearing on the security video. I looked up at him confused and unsure.

He didn’t behave the way he did on the video though, in the video, he snuck up behind his uncle, and stabbed him from behind. This time ghost Dill pulled out his kife and came running for me. He came so fast and quick I fell over in Preston’s chair.

Dill came standing over me and stabbed the knife at my face repeatedly. I held up my arms defensively, even though I knew there was no danger. Dill disappeared. Preston was standing over me.

Gwen leaned over to Victora who was shocked by what just happen. “The ghost has made contact.”

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