Vampire in your soul.

By Michael J Pennington

vampire1You sit there in the dark thinking you are quite alone but what you do not realize there is a vampire in your soul.

Hiding and biding its time and waits for your weakest moments and pounces like a cat on an unsuspecting victim.

It distracts you with lies and half-truths, it burdens with doubt and self-hate. It pokes at your fears and strokes the fires of your deepest hate.

‘Fight or flight’ it tells you it’s your survival or theirs! If you don’t choose they will, and you wouldn’t want to be at their mercy…

All the while it feeds. It feeds on the sweet juices of your humanity! It feasts itself on the subtle delicacies of your conscience! It sustains itself by sucking the marrow of empathy from your very being!

It feeds! And feeds! AND FEEDS! Voraciously it feeds! Until your soul is but a wisp of its former self… And you have grown so cold to the suffering of those who you once called enemies you no longer see them as human anymore…

They are parasites! Vermin! A pestilence to be wiped out! A plage that deserves nothing less than to become eradicated! Killing them would be a mercy…

And it would be so easy too… The real problem is how do you do it cost effectively? What is the fastest most efficient way to to make them extinct so you can move on with your life and forget they ever existed?

Maybe it’s gas, or it’s fire or I don’t know… lions. Maybe you succeed, or maybe someone stops you. Whatever happens when the smoke clears and the world sees what you have done, what will they think? Will they cheer your bravery? Is that really what you think?

The cruelest trick of all is that the vampire will have left some small spark of your soul alive. You’ll wake up and realize what you have done! Perhaps you’ll console yourself with words like ‘necessary’ and ‘had too,’ but deep inside you’ll know the truth. You became the thing you sought to destroy. You did not eradicate the vermin, you ensured its survival.

Beware the vampire, my friends, it lurks forever vigilant. You have but speak its name! Its ready to feed on your soul at a moments notice.

For those who doubt me. For those who scoff at the absurdity of my claim. Tossing it aside like a fictitious story, a tale to scare the weak minded. I give you the name of my vampire, a name that has confidently graced the lips of people for eons and will continue to do so for eons more. The name of monster is ‘Not me.’

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