The First Rule

The First Rule
By Michael J. Pennington


The first rule is unapologetic.
Thinks handshakes are pathetic
The first rule likes burning a bridge
Throws the common off the ridge

The first rule is as old as time.
For it’s anointed it is sublime
The first rule cannot be killed.
The first rule the fanatic will wield.

There is no greater hate than for those who break the first rule.
The first rule is a holocaust tool.
Monsters think it is just fine.
Cross a line they break your spine.

The first rule is mastered by the few.
It is a favorite of the two.
The sirens call is move or die!
The first rule demands that you divide to multiply.

The first rule cannot win.
The first rule comments a mortal sin.
The many have forgotten their strength
But the many will remember at length

The numbers are not on the first rules side.
It was the one who lied.
When the just and kind find common ground.
The walls of the first rule are not so sound.

They caught you trying to spread terror.
The first rule was your error.
Your arguments are forgotten.
From the inside they were rotten.

Your progeny will deny you.
Your targets will defy too.
Oblivion and infamy are what await.
Use the first rule that is your fate.

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