The Evolution of Devolution.

Evolution of Devolution1The Evolution of Devolution.
A poem by Michael J Pennington.

Congratulations! You have chosen the path of dehumanization. Whether you are exploiting it for political gain or you just want to cover up your own fear and insecurities with hate and bigotry; Dehumanisation is right for you.

This lecture is number three in our series of ‘How to Commit to Committing Atrocity’

Evolution of Devolution aa

So in our last lecture, you chose a group to hate. We will be taking that group of diverse individuals with a multitude of variant thoughts ideas and motivations to a singular slur that will tragically outlive the people who bore it. Let’s begin, shall we?



Evolution of Devolution a

The first step* is to remove all sense individuality from the group. Speak of them in only sweeping generalizations! Remember their individuality is your enemy. Always drive the conversation away from anything that might give the perception of individuality. If you are forced to admit their individuality downplay it as the exception, not the rule.



Evolution of Devolution b

We’ve clumped them together in one big squishy pile of humanity it’s time to properly vilify them. Remove their sense of morality. Most people get a general idea. Accentuate the negative. Let the actions of a few reflect the whole. Few however truly master the subtle nuances of vilification. For the entire group to be seen as inherently evil all actions must be turned into negatives. Attach ulterior motives to positive actions, label neutral action as enabling. When they fall victim to violence from their own, use that to show just how morally morose they truly are.



Evolution of Devolution cNow that we have properly verified our ‘friends’ we still have the problem of equality. Though we have described them as evil and shown how every action makes so, they in a sense have become our equal opposites. We are the light and they are dark. As we are eternal so are they. If we want to destroy our enemies we must rectify this. We must convince ourselves and others of their inferiority. Intelligence is our weapon. We have to remove their capacity for sentient thought. Atack their every decision, though, and idea. They must seem simple and sheep-like. You must make it seem utterly ridiculous that anyone would choose to be a member of their flock.


Evolution of Devolution dYou are the light bringer trying to teach these savage sheep the simple truth that they are inferior in every way. But sheep have a choice; a chance to wake up so to speak. They’re stark defiance to accept their inferiority suggest a flaw in your singular truth. We must go further we have removed their agency. The reason they don’t see the obvious truth is they are simply not capable. They are simple creatures who don’t know what they do. They are parasitic creatures driven to feed off society the way a leech drinks blood. If left unchecked the will surely erode the foundations of society. Destroying them is an act of self-defense and since they are such pitiable creatures it is a kindness to them.


Evolution of Devolution dd

There you have it how to dehumanize in four easy steps. Just remember the mnemonic device: ‘I’M SAD.’ and remove Individuality, Morality, Sentience, and Agency, then you are free to Destroy them utterly.

*The first step is not to be confused with The First Rule. Covered in the first lecture.







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