Without Pie

Without Pie.
A Pome by Michael J Pennington.

06-2 without pie 2

Without pie
The rational eyes
Can see all.

Threes okay
But the rest must go.
Stop at 3!

Take away
Makes all well.


06-2 without pie 3

Without ¶ eyes see.
They see the horrors of war…
and make them okay.

Greed can be erased.
For a fraction of the cost
Moral recounting.

What holocaust?
We just didn’t get our ¶
They had it coming.

So what I hurt you!
It’s your own damn fault anyway.
least, so say the eyes.

Mine! I deserve it!
The universe owes me one.
¶ can’t stop me now!


06-2 without pie 4

The eyes see.
That madness is norm.
Truth is still.

Eye’s protect.
Yourself from your truth.
Can’t face it.

Make it right.
No matter how dark.

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