A theory by Michael J Pennington.


07 Fearocracy1_edited 2There are many forms of it. It wears many faces.

From slime dripping aliens, bloodthirsty wolves, strange men and women with unknown motives, and more mundane stuff like pens and tiny balls of fluff.


Fear wears many hats. It serves as protector, and drug dealer, it inhibits us, it empowers us, most would not be alive today if fear hadn’t taken an interest in our lives. I could spend all day recognizing the many and varied roles of fear. Still, there is one roll of fear that most tend to ignore. It’s power to rule over us.

To be clear fear is a terrible way to rule or influence a political decision. Eventually, the people you are trying to terrorize realize they have nothing to be afraid of. And then what? Your power is gone, and you face a far greater enemy in a people who have nothing to lose.

Fear in government is nothing new. Many have tried this tool 07 Fearocracy1_edited 3simply to pick up difficult to master as it is. But this is not Fearocracy, simply having the puppet masters making shadows on the wall to frighten the puppets into submission is no Feaocracy. No. I’m talking about something more sinister. More… deceptive and shadowy than the most elusive of secret organizations.

Fearocracy was there in the begging, it’s inky black tentacles have slicked their way though governments of every style and size, strangling them into incompetence and ineffectuality. See Fearocracy is a state of government not a type of government.

Fearocracy has been achieved when fear permeates and controls every decision in a government on every level. The people are afraid, the politicians are afraid, the money makers are afraid, the media is afraid. Everyone is afraid.

07 Fearocracy1_edited 4Here is how it works. The people are afraid of something so the elect politicians who take a hard line against their fear, but the politicians are afraid of looking bad in the media, but the media is afraid because the money makers will take their funding, but the money makers are afraid of losing their money. It’s more complicated than this but I hope you get the idea.When everyone is afraid who is making the decisions? Fear is in charge, and Fear is a terrible decision maker.

What causes Fearocracy? Well, it’s always a little bit there, but what can bring a nation to its knees with fear is the shifting of paradigms. The world is a constantly changing place. (As people much like myself will no doubt tell you.) Great change brings great fear and the fear madness of Fearocracy takes control. While all nations experience some level of Fearocracy the ones who experience it the most are the ones most affected by the change in question.

07 Fearocracy1_edited 5These are almost always the most powerful nations, as it was specifically the old paradigm that made them the most powerful, and they being “big” are slow to adapt to the new world. Felling the loss of their prestige and power they quickly fall into a malaise of fear and they begin acting in ways that are self-destructive. The people beging believing the increasing lager lies of the politicians and forgiving their faults as long as they are on their side. The politicians fall to infighting and bipartisanship government ceases to function. Media gives rise to sensationalism and yellow politically motivated journalism. Money makers spend more money on politics for smaller and smaller gains.

Fearocracy’s are ripe for political coops and rising demigods. They are ripe pray for the worst of us. And they make the worst of us out of the best of us.


07 Fearocracy1_edited 1

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