Fearocracy: The Pome.

Fearocracy: A pome by Michae J Pennington.
Based on a theory by Michael J Pennington.

07 Fearocracy1_edited 2Fearocracy.
What the hell is Fearcoracy?

Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy none of these things are Fearocracy.

Theocracy? Dictatorship? Communist-anarchist-uber-democratic-capitalist-oracy?


07 Fearocracy1_edited 3Fearocracy.
It’s a state of government, not a form.

Your government may be experiencing an imperial rize. As it has great growth potential and resources aplenty.

Your government may be in the state of dystopic decline as it’s resources have dwindled and all that is left is the awful truth of what keeps the machine running.

You may be experiencing a state of utopian ease as you find yourself adrift amongst the lazy seas of excess.

But if you find yourself in a state of Fearocracy you are in a terrible state indeed.

07 Fearocracy1_edited 4Fearocracy!
Tell me, tell me! What is so scary about Fearocracy?!

Fearocracy is where everyone is afraid, from the poorest pauper to the richest glut, from the powerless to the powerful.

Fear is in the streets, fear is in the government, it hangs high on the flagpoles and low in the pockets of the rich.

07 Fearocracy1_edited 5Fearocracy!

Fear grips your heart, it seizes your mind and before long you find it’s in charge.

Making the decision making the calls, tearing down connections and building up walls.

It holds your kindness hostage, it locks away your empathy, it robs you of humanity.

When fear is in charge things are really bad. Fear makes bad decisions. The worst to be had!

What can be done about Fearocracy?

The answer is simple: stop being afraid.

And remember the sooner the better. For fear is the worst way to rule anyone. For sooner or later people have nothing to lose, and they stop being afraid.

And people with nothing to lose and no fear are dangerous people indeed.


07 Fearocracy1_edited 1

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