Story Idea: The Kings Ballad.

I had an interesting dream which I am planning to adapt to a story.

My Bex (best friend\ex-wife) and I were playing Hearthstone when I got a sleep attack, which I get sometimes. I call them attacks because that is what they feel like like. Like I’m being forced to sleep whether I feel physically or mentally tired.

This one was a bad one. It hit hard and fast and I fell asleep for a moment while playing the game. The attack wasn’t done with me they come in waves and another was coming soon. Basically, I needed a nap and it was not a suggestion.

So I excused myself from the game, which was sad because although Hearthstone is not my favorite game, I did want to keep playing with my Bex.

These are not normal naps either. I often wake up from them feeling rough (for lack of a better word) and kind of tingly all over, like when your arm falls asleep but all over, but I also wake up super energized sometimes. Like right now I feel like I could run a ten-k while calculating physics in my head. If that’s not weird enough my libido seems boosted as well.

But bringing it back to the topic, my dreams during these naps are really intense. They may not happen often but wow! I’ve always had vivid dreams with stories and plots and plot twists its where I get some of my best story ideas from.

The Dream.

In the dream, I am king and I have a pretty sweet kingdom. It is like a fusion of the medieval and cyberpunk looks. There are lots spires and towers everywhere but they are covered in circuits and screens and other high-tech gadgetry. Everything is white with gold accents.

I am in the middle of an important trade\peace agreement with a neighboring state of elves. It wasn’t stated in the dream but I’m going to call them High Elves. They are about ten feet tall, skinny, are beautiful and graceful, and walk around like they are better than everybody else. This goes especially for the high council of about ten elves who all look like the just smelt a fart.

In the dream, in order to secure the treaty, the council asked me to do something I did not like. I was not clear on it but it felt very much like some kind of massacre. Or a slaughter of innocents.

I’m thinking it was probably a slaughter of an Elvish peasant town and the council made my kingdom do it so it wasn’t connected to them. I do it but I feel awful about it.

What I’m thinking is me and my men dress up like Orcs to do it to blame the Orcs for the slaughter and avoid balm ourselves.

I did it because we needed the treaty, but the longer time goes on the harder I find it to keep quiet about it, but I have to. Saying something would mean war.

On the day the treaty is ratified our peoples come together is a celebration. There are about a thousand people in my banquet hall the peasants are on the main floor and there are balconies for the rich and important so they don’t actually come in contact with poor people.

I come out on the stage, which is about fifty feet in the air, and about fifty feet where people are sitting. I’m also being broadcasted on every screen in the kingdom.

I look at the High elf council who are already annoyed because this is unscheduled. I say to them something like: “Our kingdoms come together in peace on this day, and to celebrate I have written a song.”

I take out my electric guitar because why the fuck not. I look to my band and give them the nod and we start playing this driving metal tune. Like Metallica back in the day.

Were rocking the people high elves and humans and a few other races stand up and are jamming to the music.

I start singing in fucking Elvish. I don’t say it outright, I. E. I don’t say “the High Council forced us to murder your people and blame it on the Orcs,” but it’s there if you know what to look for.

And as I get to the part where I’m confessing the worst thing I have ever done. The song slows down and gets sad. So sad it makes me want to cry. The song ends and the people are blown away and everyone is clapping the people haven’t realized the significance. I look to the Council who look like they just heard a wet fart. They don’t say anything because that would be confirming it so the just storm off.

I retire to my privet quarters. My wife the queen is still out attending the festivities. So I am met by an elf mage who serves on my court. She is not the same race as the high elves. She is much shorter about five two-ish and has bluish-purple skin. (She reminded me of this woman that works at 7-11 who I would really like to have sex with but she’s in her early twenties and I don’t want to go there.)

Anyway, she heard the song and put two and two together, and she is there to comfort me. After we talk for a bit things get sexual (remember what I said about libido.) and that is where the dream ends.

If you want to get all Freudian and analyze that shit go right ahead. I’d love to hear your interpretation. I just think it was an amazing story, and I’d love to see it as a movie, or a music video.

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