Nothing a mathmatical sdudy.

As I’ve been studying infinity I’ve come to notice something strange. That nothing and infinity behave very similarly to one and other and have many of the same properties. Leading me to the hypothesis that they are one and the same.  I’ve hence been trying to prove this mathematically.


Space is not the same as nothing. We have Einstine to thank for that understanding, if space can be bent then it is something, not nothing as its name suggest.

Whenever we get around to figuring out what space is we are likely to find that there is space between our space.

That is the strange nature of nothing by its definition it doesn’t exist, but it is somehow everywhere.

And it’s a good thing too. A universe without nothing is a strange and confusing place. Let’s take the Eiffel tower. It is a thing that exists in Paris France but not in say Denver Colorado. But what if not existing didn’t exist? Then the Eiffel Tower would be infinite meaning the tower would be everywhere. In every place, and every conceivable space, you would be the Eiffel Tower, and this would be true for everything that existed.

What is weird is that from observing the universe there seems to be a lot more nothing than stuff, and this is a pattern that permeates the universe on every level.

So then it must be mathematically demonstratable.

The zeros we see in numbers like 10 are not zero’s they are placeholders. When converted to base 1 (think tally marks or dots) it becomes clear that 10 represents the existence of ten things.

So then where is the nothing?

Right in front of us. Everything, not the ten marks are nothing, but this should be seen in other formats like base ten, and binary.

It is. When we write the number 1 we only concern ourselves with what is necessary and assume the rest is nothing, and normally that’s good policy, but not when we are looking for nothing.

Every single number uses every possible place, ones, tens… ∞ each space is filled with a number or nothing.





It is safe to say that every instance of existence is surrounded by an infinity of nothing.


Therefore its possible say the following.


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