A rare quiet.

The world around me has gone still the many voices that pull me in all directions and distract me are temporarily silenced.

Normally that would be the cue for my other problem to show its face. But for now it is calm and I’m awake.

I’m awake and in a mood to write. So what shall I write? I know I have a mountain of uncompleted projects, but it is hard to get into long term projects when your workflow is compromised. I can’t think long term if it may be days or weeks before I get the chance to write again.

It is precisely this reason I’ve been working of the cuff. Drawn to what ever muse has caught my eye. If I never know when I will write next I chose to live in the moment and savor the sweet nectar of creativity. To draw inspiration from the moment.

In this moment I find myself in the woods the mountains of colorado. It is dark and it is still outside. The trees around me still have a sense of dampness from the earlier rain.

My mind tingles with possibilities. A horror story perhaps? The woods are murky and mysterious and one doesn’t need to try hard to imagine a unseen horror lurking within.

Perhaps it was just passing by when it noticed the faint light of my phone. Now it is stalking me. Slinking though the shadows just beyond my sight. I can’t see it but I know it’s there.

It knows I sense it, we both sit in anticipation of the coming moment when claws flash and my light is snuffed out. My plus quickens, its mouth waters. Closer it creeps, closer, there it’s behind me. I know it is but I dare not look… Any moment now. I hold my breath as if it will be the last, for it surly must be. Any moment claws. Any moment pain. Any moment death…

That would be fun. But the night is too calming and awe inspiring for that. Though dark has a sense of wonder to it. A magic. Just beyond the trees elves a crowning a new queen. A mother bigfoot plays with he son.

An adventure awaits, and I will be the one to have it. By nights end I shall have slain the giant, had tea with the dragon and saved a village of Horfpleddles from a most terrible fate…

Maybe there is no magic or danger. Just some nightlife going about their business. And a writer with an over active imagination inspired by the quiet majesty of the colorado mountains.


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