Fight and flight.

A song by Michael J. Pennington.

Ruff draft.

Verse: My name is rage! Seething and festering I boil up from the depth of your pain. Like a rabid beast, I pounce on your brain. A flood of red a sea of crimson and your mine to control. It’s your body, your face, your hand clutching that knife, but it’s my sin.

Oh my god! What did I do? I can’t recall. It’s all a blur just flashes. I don’t want to believe… But why is there blood on my hands? Ho god, why is there blood on my hands?

Chorus: There is only one thing I know for sure. That control is the worlds greatest lie. You think you have it but it only takes one fragile moment to show you how wrong you are.

Verse: My name is Panic! A cold icy chill runs up your spine. A white-cold bolt strikes your brain and you become little more than a frightened animal. Pray to flee before the fear that hunts you.

I know what this looks like! Please, I can explain! Why won’t my legs stop running? I want to stop but I can’t… Please god, don’t let him shoot me! Please don’t let him shoot!

Chorus: Ten thousand years of evolution are no match for raw instinct. Move over higher brain functions the amygdala got here first!

My name is death! You can’t defy the odds you can only survive them. If you survive them. As your life drains away through the hole in your chest. Blackness sucks you under. Small bits of you are eaten away as you are slowly deleted.

Oh god! I didn’t want this… I didn’t want any of this… I… I… Wasn’t in control… I’m not responsible. Don’t let this be the end. Please god, don’t let this be the end!

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