My impossible game design.

So I have this crazy idea to mix two very different game genres. Like open world RPG and top-down dungeon crawler. Specifically, I want a mix of Skyrim and Diablo 3.

I know it sounds weird but the goal is to create an open world RPG with long-term replayability and a rewards system.

This may seem redundant, many people continue to play open world RPGs for years, but this is often sporadic and boredom based. This is about giving players a reason to keep playing. Instead of just having something to do while waiting for other titles to come out.

Now the challenge is in blending the creativity of an open world with the more structured approach of a TDDC.

My initial thoughts on this are a two-stage gameplay system. One where you tweak your build and get them how you like, and a challenge mode where we try to match as many play styles as possible.

These are my initial thoughts I’ll put more down when I have time.

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