Anti-Nuclear deterrent: muti-EMP attack.

An Expert form Plage: The making of a Horsman
By Michael J Pennington.

Anti-Nuclear deterrent: muti-EMP attack.

The worst thing about a nuclear bomb is not the big hole it leaves behind. No big holes in cities and military targets are quite desirable. No, it’s the mess nuclear weapons leave behind. Clouds of radiation that can move to your territory, dust in the atmosphere that leads to nuclear winter. Most unpleasant.

The worst effect is it blocks the resources ones enemies are in the way of. Because let’s face it wars are always about resources. Even so-called holy wars are really a battle for human resources. Nuclear weapons are a waste of resources period. Often they are more an impediment to the allocation of resources that any installed government or military. Can a radioactive crater be reasoned with? I think not.

Fortunately, we have much better methods of clearing out an entrenched populous. Unfortunately, our enemies are still clinging to their archaic nuclear arsenals. Which makes them a threat to us.

While there are many proposed solutions. Concussive force fields. The stabilization of the nuclear material. I have a much simpler solution. EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. I know perhaps it would be better to take on an advanced war AI with an Atri 2600 but hear me out. Perhaps a simple solution to a simple problem. Or rather an archaic solution to an archaic Problem.

These days EMP is a toothless tiger everything has the solution. The military has EMP shielding and civilian installations have EMP shielding. Cell phones have EMP shielding, hell, even toothbrushes have EMP shielding. EMP is little more than an old bogeyman that nobody is afraid of anymore.

Naturally, nuclear weapons have EMP shielding, but what if the enemies shield became our weapon? While there are different methods of shielding most incorporate some kind of Faraday cage. This is simple enough a metal structure that absorbs the pulse and converts it into a harmless electrical charge that can be bleed off.

Now imagine if we can use this feature to our advantage. What if we could use the cage to create a sympathetic secondary pulse one that would be right next to the sensitive electronics the cage is guarding.

What we do is we send multiple EMP pulses at a high frequency this will cause a residence inside the cage itself. An electrical charge will build up faster than can be drained off and an arch will be formed with the nearest ground source thus creating your secondary EMP pulse.

I’m in the process of designing a directed EMP weapon that will be able to fire multiple EMPs at high frequency, contact me if you would like schematics and let me know if you are interested in buying…

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