Mathematical Methodology.

How I Math!

By Michael J Pennington Disabled Author.

It seems to me that I should take the time to explain exactly how I arrive at some of the crazy mathematical conclusions that I do. I fancy myself a mathematician and I work with some pretty big numbers. My focus is on the behavior of big dynamic systems, and their overall behavior, and how they interact with other dynamic systems. I’m also trying to create a working model of infinity so that I can more efficiently use it in my mind experiments.

Mathematical Background.

Special Education: I began my mathematical life as something of a lost soul. Although I thought I was getting the marital just fine, by third grade my teachers obviously not convinced. So I was taken out of the regular class and spent the next five years of my life relearning and relearning the basics in Special Ed classes.

Extraordinary Clams: It was in eighth grade the first change came and I make perhaps my most unbelievable clam. The lens of memory is a distorted one at best but I remember thinking that I knew steps, and I knew pedicures, but did I understand? So I set out to teach myself the why. I thought myself math from a whole new perspective starting with the number one.

High School: I wasn’t able to advance as much as I wanted in High school, having been ham-stringed, but my time in Special Ed, but I got into algebra and took a basic physics class and those were fun.

College: I have a BS in Animation, and as you could imagine, there were not meany opportunities to take math classes in a algebra program, but I took collage algebra (twice! got a B in one and a A in another.) and Geometry, plus the various programming classes I took. I even got named head programmer, on one class project. (Came really close to removing the teacher from the project, but he was right in the end.)

Aspirations: I hope to go further and take Calculus, theoretical Physics, and any and all math I can get my hands on, but life has not afforded me the opportunity for these, but I have hope and will keep perusing them.

Who am I?

I’m not a genius, but I’m compelled to think I am. I would think I would be diagnosed with borderline Narcissism, but I don’t pretend to be a Psychiatrist. My whole life I’ve thought more of my ideas than I should and get frustrated when the world doesn’t respond by beating a path to my door and declaring the smartest person ever. These thoughts are unproductive. So I counter them with positive but more realistic affirmations. Such as: I consider myself reasonably intelligent, I’m allowed to make mistakes, I love failure, perfection is a illusion.

This also explains my mantra, “My name is Michael J Pennington, I am no more or no less than that.” Although I’m just as likely to use “Keep it Simple Stupid.”

The Compulsion:

Thought I sound like an intellectual I’m more a creature of habit. Boredom is my enemy. I’m seldom bored, mostly because I’m drawn to think about my stories and math. These are more obsessions for me that cut me off from the rest of humanity. I do these things because I am drawn to. It’s not important that I am right or that I am good at what I do. I just love doing it. I can’t see myself stopping.

The Pennington Process.

Okay, getting down to it here is how I work.

No Negatives.

It is my observation that the universe dose not use negatives. I see completing evidence that the universe borrows or part of it is missing. There are opposing forces such as gravity a force compelling matter to be smaller, or fission a force compelling matter to expand (more or less) to infinity, but each of those can be understood as separate forces. Each getting stronger or weaker in their own scale and may have a net effect, neither counts as the negative of the other.

For me negatives are speculative in nature. I’m not worried about what could be only what is there. So I try to construct my mathematical models without using negative numbers.

So I’m a self taught compulsive mad man who dose these kinds of things for fun without concern for being right or wrong. It’s a bit like having your space rocket pilot just decide that he understood the ins and outs of rocket science and felt today was a good day to test it out. But enough about me! Lets light this Candle!

Base One.

Inevitably in every prison movie or any story where a person is isolated for a long period of time you will see them using tally marks. The four lines |||| with a fifth slash \ going though them. You’ve probably used them yourself for counting at some point in your life. However this is more than a mere counting system its a mathematical system that can be used like any other.

You’ve heard of Binary Code the fundamental language of computers. This is a mathematical system that has two digits, 1 and 0.

Romans used what is in essence a base five system. I II III IV V

We use a base Ten system. 0123456789

A Base one system only has one digit 1. Or | if you prefer and it benefits from not contains a Zero. Now it can be difficult at times working without such a important concept as Zero, but I find that if a mathematical concept can work in base one it holds up pretty well.

So I’ll use base one as a way of double checking my work.

Top Down, bottom up and inside out.

You may be familiar with the popular indium “Think outside the box.” I find this saying to be a bit annoying because it seems to suggest that only the unconventional approaches to the problom are of value. I prefer to say there is no box. The box is the problom and the problom must be examined from all sides. Sometimes a unconventional solution is warranted, but sometimes the traditional is best. Knowing which approach to apply is the mark of a good thinker.

This applies to math is a very strait forward way the large systems I look at tend to have several aspects that interest me. So I build them from the ground up, and dissect them from the top down, I imagine myself in the system and try to see trends. I sit outside and try to distill information from the changes and current. There is no one approach I use I try to use as meany as I can think of when working on a problom.


Okay, I’m running out of steam. Meaning my brain is truing to mush and my ability to think clearly is computerized. I have so meany half finished thoughts in my blog right now and I’m afraid if I don’t finish now I’ll never finish it. So I’m going to power through.

It’s hard to describe what goes on in my head when I’m running numbers. I take a system and ascribe a behavior. Such as growing, sinking, stagnant. These behaviors are all based on my understanding of how math works. As the system develops I give secondary behaviors such as another system competing for resources. I determinate based on these factors what should be the outcome, and compare it to a real world example. I try determinate the difference’s and make changes accordingly.

It’s a little like understanding how a cloud works. There aren’t numbers in my head when I see this of cores, and sometimes I don’t know how to write the numbers down, but I’ve been working on that.

Okay I got to quit for the night. I wish these moments of lucidity weren’t so fleeting, but at least I got something done.

As always your friendly madman. Michael J Pennington Disabled Author.

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