Anti-Nuclear deterrent: muti-EMP attack.

An Expert form Plage: The making of a Horsman
By Michael J Pennington.

Anti-Nuclear deterrent: muti-EMP attack.

The worst thing about a nuclear bomb is not the big hole it leaves behind. No big holes in cities and military targets are quite desirable. No, it’s the mess nuclear weapons leave behind. Clouds of radiation that can move to your territory, dust in the atmosphere that leads to nuclear winter. Most unpleasant.

The worst effect is it blocks the resources ones enemies are in the way of. Because let’s face it wars are always about resources. Even so-called holy wars are really a battle for human resources. Nuclear weapons are a waste of resources period. Often they are more an impediment to the allocation of resources that any installed government or military. Can a radioactive crater be reasoned with? I think not.

Fortunately, we have much better methods of clearing out an entrenched populous. Unfortunately, our enemies are still clinging to their archaic nuclear arsenals. Which makes them a threat to us.

While there are many proposed solutions. Concussive force fields. The stabilization of the nuclear material. I have a much simpler solution. EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. I know perhaps it would be better to take on an advanced war AI with an Atri 2600 but hear me out. Perhaps a simple solution to a simple problem. Or rather an archaic solution to an archaic Problem.

These days EMP is a toothless tiger everything has the solution. The military has EMP shielding and civilian installations have EMP shielding. Cell phones have EMP shielding, hell, even toothbrushes have EMP shielding. EMP is little more than an old bogeyman that nobody is afraid of anymore.

Naturally, nuclear weapons have EMP shielding, but what if the enemies shield became our weapon? While there are different methods of shielding most incorporate some kind of Faraday cage. This is simple enough a metal structure that absorbs the pulse and converts it into a harmless electrical charge that can be bleed off.

Now imagine if we can use this feature to our advantage. What if we could use the cage to create a sympathetic secondary pulse one that would be right next to the sensitive electronics the cage is guarding.

What we do is we send multiple EMP pulses at a high frequency this will cause a residence inside the cage itself. An electrical charge will build up faster than can be drained off and an arch will be formed with the nearest ground source thus creating your secondary EMP pulse.

I’m in the process of designing a directed EMP weapon that will be able to fire multiple EMPs at high frequency, contact me if you would like schematics and let me know if you are interested in buying…

My impossible game design.

So I have this crazy idea to mix two very different game genres. Like open world RPG and top-down dungeon crawler. Specifically, I want a mix of Skyrim and Diablo 3.

I know it sounds weird but the goal is to create an open world RPG with long-term replayability and a rewards system.

This may seem redundant, many people continue to play open world RPGs for years, but this is often sporadic and boredom based. This is about giving players a reason to keep playing. Instead of just having something to do while waiting for other titles to come out.

Now the challenge is in blending the creativity of an open world with the more structured approach of a TDDC.

My initial thoughts on this are a two-stage gameplay system. One where you tweak your build and get them how you like, and a challenge mode where we try to match as many play styles as possible.

These are my initial thoughts I’ll put more down when I have time.

Fight and flight.

A song by Michael J. Pennington.

Ruff draft.

Verse: My name is rage! Seething and festering I boil up from the depth of your pain. Like a rabid beast, I pounce on your brain. A flood of red a sea of crimson and your mine to control. It’s your body, your face, your hand clutching that knife, but it’s my sin.

Oh my god! What did I do? I can’t recall. It’s all a blur just flashes. I don’t want to believe… But why is there blood on my hands? Ho god, why is there blood on my hands?

Chorus: There is only one thing I know for sure. That control is the worlds greatest lie. You think you have it but it only takes one fragile moment to show you how wrong you are.

Verse: My name is Panic! A cold icy chill runs up your spine. A white-cold bolt strikes your brain and you become little more than a frightened animal. Pray to flee before the fear that hunts you.

I know what this looks like! Please, I can explain! Why won’t my legs stop running? I want to stop but I can’t… Please god, don’t let him shoot me! Please don’t let him shoot!

Chorus: Ten thousand years of evolution are no match for raw instinct. Move over higher brain functions the amygdala got here first!

My name is death! You can’t defy the odds you can only survive them. If you survive them. As your life drains away through the hole in your chest. Blackness sucks you under. Small bits of you are eaten away as you are slowly deleted.

Oh god! I didn’t want this… I didn’t want any of this… I… I… Wasn’t in control… I’m not responsible. Don’t let this be the end. Please god, don’t let this be the end!

Is beleif easy?

A wise man once said:

Impress me not by the depths of your faith, but rather by the breadth of your tolerance.

That, someone, was me. Michael J. Pennington, I’m quoting myself. Like the smug narcissistic weirdo, I am. o.O

Cue Alan Rickman / Marvin the paranoid robot voice: “Of course, I have to quote me. Nobody else is going to do it… It’s not like anyone listens to what I have to say. They probably don’t know I’ve said anything at all. Brain the size of a planet, and still, no one listens…”

Okay, I’m done channeling Douglas Adams. Let’s get to brass tacks, why I’m sharing this idea with you now.  I came up with this idea years ago and yet have not found a very good place to slip it into my writing, and I wanted to discuss it. So I’ve introduced the idea in the weirdest way possible. Because of raisins. (No really! Sentient raisins are making me do this.)

BTW: If for some reason Plato or Socrates somehow beat me to the punch on this. (Because they always do! Those philosophical bastards!) Just know I’m just exploring an Idea I’ve been brewing on for a while. (Mine!) I’d be happy to see other philosophical takes on it. (Keep your dirty mitts off it!) Feel free to link other sources (Don’t!) in the comments. (I will cut you… Or maybe just say mean things behind your back. Eyeballs, Peace, Pointy finger.)

Belief. I like to define terms in my writings.  Not so much to change the meaning of words but so my readers and I might have a shared lexicon of ideas. It is not so good if I am talking about spoons and the readers think I’m badmouthing forks. So when I talk about ‘belief’ I’m not talking about religion. Rather I’m discussing belief as the acceptance of something to be true beyond all other arguments or facts.

Contrary to belief is ‘deduction,’ the determination of truth through the study and observation of facts and arguments.

Lots of people confuse the two. Thinking that they are deducing the truth when they are in fact simply rationalizing what they want to believe. Truth itself is subjective. Most people think because their truth fits the facts that it is the only possible answer. Facts aren’t subjective that is true, they are just bits of information about the world around us. the meaning we attach to facts is what we call truth.

We are philosophical as a species, without knowing it we seek to find meaning in everything even the most basic facts. These truths we dig for are the basis of our lives. They give us meaning they give us purpose, they give us hope.

Ah, but look at me. I’m rambling again. You know it’s very freeing to be unknown on the internet. Much like a madman in a cave I can scream whatever I want into the blackness and get only silence in return. If anything I fear discovery. People knowing my name and valuing my opinion. What a horrible curse to have to bend to the demands of the social presser. To mind your tongue least you unsettle the delicate workings of the machine we call society and be punished.

Today I must scream into the blackness a most terrible truth.

Belief is easy.

I imagine those who should stumble upon this hidden corner of the internet, and baffle through my ramblings to this point should be of two minds. Some are wondering what took me so long to come to this very obvious conclusion. Others are might find the need to explain to me the error of my thinking in a calm dignified manner.

But I am not saying that belief is the realm of the simple-minded. I am not saying it is a tool of the uneducated or lazy. I’m not saying it’s the manifestation of a dullards intellect. I’m saying it because I think that it is mathematically necessary.

I sense a great disturbance in the force as if two’s of people who at first agreed with me are now typing their own dignified replies.

Here is the thing, life is about survival, survival is all about taking risks. Eventually, as a species, colony, or individual, you’ll run into a situation where the chances of survival are low.  For lower functioning creatures I imagine the program to be simple. Seek survival obtain survival repeat. But for higher functioning creatures, ones who might be able to reason out the risks of the situation it’s not so simple. Knowing your odds of survival are low in any situation, might give cause you not to try.  This is where belief comes in, belief is the little motivator that could. Knowing the odds but believing that you can beat them makes you try. BTW you don’t really beat odds or defy them, you can only ever survive them.

Now belief doesn’t always result in positive feedback, but the negative feedback often means death and that information is not passed on.

Organisms that take risks are survivors, believers are risk takers, hence the mathematical predisposition towards belief. Theoretically speaking anyway.

This is an appeal to mathematics argument. Similar to an appeal to nature argument. This argument states that regardless of the morality or intelligence certain behaviors are mathematically preferable when it comes to survival, and even the most intelligent of beings with full control of their faculties may not be immune to said behaviors or the thought processes that they will use to justify them.

So what of the other side of the idiom? Tolerance? I believe that it too has its own mathematical argument. I speak of tolerance as the ability to recognize the differences of others and to respect their independence no matter how alien their behaviors.  Conversely, intolerance is fear of the different.

From a survival standpoint, similar things are good. They offer little danger except for competition for resources, but more often than not resources are plentiful enough. So that’s only a small problem. Different things are often bad, in addition to competing for resources, they can also pose a more direct threat to survival such as hunting us for food.

But here is where things get complicated. Different can often be good. Sometimes different can provide new resources such as food or protection. The different enrich the world around us, and through their unique perspective, all life grows.

These things are true of intelligent life as well as the ability to compare and contrast is a basic survival function. Since similar things pose less danger and different things pose slightly more there is a mathematical bias towards intolerance.

In short, Tolerance is hard.

Wich one plays out is usually up to avalible resources. Lots of resources skew towards tolerance, and a shortage of resources skews towards intolerance. This is, of course, a multifaceted subject and I’ve probably bored you enough with it. Moreover, it’s mostly a theory by a madman, and I don’t put much stock in the theories of crazy people.

What I am trying to say is that of the two faith and tolerance, I find the latter much more impressive. A river that is deep is thought of to be impressive and compared to a stream it is but is it not a river natural predominance to cut deeply into the earth? As the modules of water scrape away the rock and the dirt at the spots where naturally more of them are concentrated? Maybe not, I’m not an expert in the development of rivers.

I just know that depth is often a judge of how impressive a river is, but so too is breadth. Breadth is a measurement of how wide a river is, and I would think that being wide is a far less common feature in Rivers. Often underestimated. Wich holds more water? The deep river or the wide river? What if they hold the same amount of water?

Maybe the deep river is more powerful, but perhaps the wide river covers more ground and touches more lives.

I’m sure some of the greatest rivers are deep and wide, but the most dangerous rivers are most certainly deep and narrow.

Let’s drop the metaphor for a moment. Faith is not impressive on its own, assholes have faith, madmen have faith, serial killers have faith, genocidal madmen have faith.

Sure they may not be saying god, but they have faith in something, even if they don’t admit it to themselves. Even if you got your truth from hard-fought reason, there was likely a crossover a point where you no longer question your truth and accepted it as fact so you could explore greater mysteries elsewhere.  Sure you might reopen that book if new evidence arises, but you are not actively questioning it. It would be maddening reevaluating every truth all the time every day.

I digress, my point is what good is knowing your truth, if you don’t embrace the diversity of other truths? No, not all of them deserve it, but keeping an open mind is mathematically sensible.

A rare quiet.

The world around me has gone still the many voices that pull me in all directions and distract me are temporarily silenced.

Normally that would be the cue for my other problem to show its face. But for now it is calm and I’m awake.

I’m awake and in a mood to write. So what shall I write? I know I have a mountain of uncompleted projects, but it is hard to get into long term projects when your workflow is compromised. I can’t think long term if it may be days or weeks before I get the chance to write again.

It is precisely this reason I’ve been working of the cuff. Drawn to what ever muse has caught my eye. If I never know when I will write next I chose to live in the moment and savor the sweet nectar of creativity. To draw inspiration from the moment.

In this moment I find myself in the woods the mountains of colorado. It is dark and it is still outside. The trees around me still have a sense of dampness from the earlier rain.

My mind tingles with possibilities. A horror story perhaps? The woods are murky and mysterious and one doesn’t need to try hard to imagine a unseen horror lurking within.

Perhaps it was just passing by when it noticed the faint light of my phone. Now it is stalking me. Slinking though the shadows just beyond my sight. I can’t see it but I know it’s there.

It knows I sense it, we both sit in anticipation of the coming moment when claws flash and my light is snuffed out. My plus quickens, its mouth waters. Closer it creeps, closer, there it’s behind me. I know it is but I dare not look… Any moment now. I hold my breath as if it will be the last, for it surly must be. Any moment claws. Any moment pain. Any moment death…

That would be fun. But the night is too calming and awe inspiring for that. Though dark has a sense of wonder to it. A magic. Just beyond the trees elves a crowning a new queen. A mother bigfoot plays with he son.

An adventure awaits, and I will be the one to have it. By nights end I shall have slain the giant, had tea with the dragon and saved a village of Horfpleddles from a most terrible fate…

Maybe there is no magic or danger. Just some nightlife going about their business. And a writer with an over active imagination inspired by the quiet majesty of the colorado mountains.


The Lighthouse.

You are the brave captain of a swift and noble vessel, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t admire your strength.

But the winds have changed and the clouds are blowing in. Before you know it you are caught in the deluge.

Your vessel is tossed like flotsam in the roaring waves, you’ve been here before but every time is like the first time.

Sail on ‘o wayward captain, the hardest part is knowing I can’t help you in your time of need. Though my light is bright it cannot cut through the black clouds around you.

I have no way to help you, this fight is yours alone. I have no idea if you can hear me, but I stay up all night saying “I love you” into my radio.

Wave after wave crash upon you. Spewing doubt and self-hate. There is no way for you to fight it. You have to endure it till it’s done. There is no mind over the problem when your mind is the problem.

Though I am sitting right next to you, you are very far away. My words of hope and encouragement can’t cross the void.

Hold on tight tie yourself to the mast. You will survive this like so many times before. I may not be there in your private hell, but I will see you through this storm.

When the storm finally breaks my light will guide you home. We have been through a lot today but my love remains as strong as ever.

I can not imagine your struggle but I know it must be hard. I admire your courage and strength if your long fight, and I strive to be as brave as you in my own battles. I’m a better person for having known you.

Sometimes courage is just surviving. Sometimes love is helpless to help. Sometimes all there is is just holding on till its over, and being there when its done.

Update: My Condition

I finally got to talk to a sleep specialist and he basically confirmed what I suspected. There is no quick way to figure out what is wrong with me. Now, this is not the first sleep specialist I talked to. I was speaking to one when I was working for TSA, that doctor didn’t want to go forward until I had gotten my Bi-pap, which at the time I could not afford the nine hundred dollars out of pocket expense of. (Long story short, I ultimately quit TSA because I was not fit for duty, and got my Bi-pap on Medicaid.)

I got the impression then that there were just too many causes for daytime sleepiness and that its a process of elimination.

I’m kinda feeling like sleep science is a more primitive discipline. Maybe not a drill-a-hole-in-your-head-an-let-the-demons-out primitive, but definitely not an efficient as other medical disciplines. I recently went to see a physical therapist and with a brief description of my symptoms, and a quick examination she nailed the problem before the results of the MRI had come in. I know it’s apples and oranges the brain is a complex and not easily understood mechanism. But I still wish we had more precise diagnostics here a quick test for insomnia here, a test for narcolepsy there and walla! You have sleep cancer… or whatever I just want a clear answer as to what is wrong with me.

My current doctor is looking at my bi-pap too. He’s altered my settings and we’re doing a two-month trial, so far nothing but I just started and I’m trying not to be negative. (You don’t get better if you poo-poo solutions without giving them an honest chance.)

The Doctor is of the mindset that my problem is related to insomnia, and I do have a lot of insomnia related issues. Essentially I’m the overweight person in the sleep world. I go to the doctor complaining about my heart, but there is no test to differentiate between a heart murmur and normal weight-related heart problems.  So the doctor asks if I’m eating right. The answer is no. It’s much more likely this is the source of my problem. So before they even consider a heart murmur; I must completely change my diet and adhere to it for some time.

Basically, I don’t sleep well. I go to bed late, I use blue light emitting devices shortly before bed. (phone, tablet, etc.) My wake-up time varies a lot day to day. I spend a great deal of time awake in bed thinking. At least once a month I get insomnia and miss a whole sleep cycle. I often drink caffeinated beverages before bed. I don’t always go to bed when I’m tired.

Here in lies the rub. It may come down to correcting my sleep diet to move forward. I don’t see myself being able to do that. And while I’m willing to cooperate with treatment to a point, I’m pretty against sleep medications. Specifically Ambien. But, I’m against sleep drugs in general.

Worse case scenario one: The doctor is right. My problem is because of my poor sleep habits. I’m kinda stuck because I can’t be perfect, and I just have to live with this problem now.

Worse case Scenario two: The doctor is wrong. My problem is not because of my sleep habits. But I can’t move forward because I’m a square peg and I can’t conform to my sleep diet. Same result.

Fortunately, the doctor did give me a list of things that could also be at fault. I’m hoping one of them could be the answer. I’m working on getting a list of stuff to my primary care Doctor.

I’m just frustrated in general, it feels like my life can’t move forward untill I know what this is. But I remain optimistic and will continue to post when I can.