The diffrance between infinity and forever.

So before we get started, here are some techniques I use to get pesky songs out of my head.

Technique number one: Song mutation, if a song gets stuck in my head I like to change the words till it’s a different song. Basically, I’m writing parodies like Weir Al Yankavich. They don’t have to be clever or great, just change the lyrics a little so they don’t keep playing in your head over and over. The new song becomes the anti-song and they cancel each other out.

Some examples:

On the road again. ——> On the commode again.

In your head
In your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie, ei, ei
What’s in your head?
In your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei, oh do do do do do do do do

In your head
In your head
This song gets stuck in,
stuck in your head!
In your head
This song gets stuck in, in your head do do do do do do do do

Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
I’ve been feeling it since 1966, now
Might’ve had your fill, but you feel it still

Ooh woo, I’m a sith lord just for kicks, now
killed the Jedi with order 66, now
They’re all dead now but I hate them still…

The second method involves a safe song. A song you can listen to so that you do not normally get stuck in your head. Mine is Witch Doctor by David Seville.

When I get a song really stuck in my head I use the lyrics of Witch Doctor to push it out of my mind. Then I can easily let go of the of the Witch Docter lyrics.

I could go on and on but I figure that that’s enough of that for now. So what is infinity? What is forever? And how are these two concepts similar but distinct? I’m glad you asked! I’ve been working on an explanation for just that.

I’ve been writing about infinity a lot. Mostly because I’ve been thinking about infinity a lot. I’ve determined that infinity is not a number. That infinity is a set that contains every possible number, and every instance of every possible number, and all non-istances of every possible number. So infinity contains one, yes of course it does, but there are infinite numbers of ones in infinity. There are also an infinite number of two’s, and so forth. And for every instance of those numbers from one to infinity, there is an infinite number of zeros. Or rather places where that number is not.

Confused? Think of it this way. When we consider the humble hydrogen atom the simplest and most abundant in the universe. Almost all mater in the universe is hydrogen with a small amount reserved for other elements, and materials, but for every hydrogen atom that exists there is much more space where hydrogen atom’s don’t exist.

Now let’s follow the logic, if there is indeed an infinite amount of stuff in the universe then there are an infinite amount of hydrogen atoms in the infinite plane. Hence if we consider hydrogen the quintessential number one. Every hydrogen atom is an instance of one. If we apply this then to the entire periodic table we see that every element is infinite.

But here is where out element analogy breaks down or does it? There can’t be an infinite number of elements. Simply put the more electrons and neutrons an element has the more unstable it becomes. There will never be an infinite element. Or so it is my understanding.

But the system is not broken, it’s in the details and as I stated every possible number. If a number isn’t possible it’s not part of the set, even if that number is short of infinity.

So then what is forever? Forever is a group of numbers that have a rate of change and will continue to grow/shrink at said rate until the rate changes. Realy we could dub this group of numbers the Forever Continuum, but it’s more important that we recognize the group as a whole.

Like many people, I was indoctrinated into the concept of forever/infinity by A simple math algorithm. Think of the largest number you can think of and add one, and then add one to the new number, and so on. Effectively our rate of change should be 1/every time we add 1. A strange unit of measurement to be sure, but theoretically, I could add one a thousand times in a day, wait fifty years and then add one again. The intervals of time are irregular and the system only changes when I or you make the choice to change it.

This is a dynamic example of forever. One where the rate can fluctuate. Ethier time or the amount of change can be adjusted.

A static example would be light. Photons birthed by the conversion of energy into heat travel outwards into space at a constant amount of distance over a set amount of time. Change the time, change the distance traveled, and vise versa. You can alter the path of the light and make it seem like it’s slowing but in reality, it still moving at the same rate.

We know lite is not infinite because it dose not exist at every point in it’s trajectory only in at the place the partial of light is traveling. If space were to be completely empty save for one light partial it would be a journey without end. Traveling along its lonely path unwavering, it is the very definition of forever. Each moment of its resistance it adds a little more to the distance it has traveled. This distance is a ever growing number getting bigger and bigger. At a rate we can hardly conceive. It stretches to infinity but it will never reach it.

Yes lite will travel forever, until something changes. It gets sucked into a black hole, it reaches the edge of the universe, the universe simply runs out of time.

In short infinity is the destination, forever is the journey that will never get there.

Comming up for air.

I just wanted to communicate with anyone who might be a fan. I’m having a rough time. I’ve finally got the doctor to set me up for a sleep study, but the sleep study place did not want to do it, because it wasn’t requested from a sleep specialist. Finally, after a lot of back and forth, I got everyone on the same page and I’m scheduled to meet with a sleep specialist.

It’s been a long spell of sleep problems, and I’ve been a little depressed with how hard getting any work done. I’ve been trying to see a way forward but I don’t. I’m not giving up though.

I’m not really apologizing. I’m just giving an update. If you like my page, hang in there. I’m still typing. When the smoke settles and I know what the problem is. I’ll try to be more consistent. I hope to have something for you soon. If you have any request you can email me at

Mathmatical proof that God Exists. (sort of)

Okay, I have your attention. Admittedly I’ve taken on quite a task, proving god exists, but I think I’ve found a mathematical way to do it. Keep in mind I have no intent to prove god exists. I couldn’t be less interested in the question.

But in my own weird way, I’ve stumbled on a mathematical proof that in one light proves the existence of god from a certain perspective.

I’ve been working a lot with infinity, and consequently nothing. The basis of my work is I’m trying to understand how Infinity interacts with reality. You can view some of my work here and here. In Summation, I’m working on the hypothesis that our universe is not infinite. Instead, it exists in an infinite dimension I’m calling the binary universe.

The binary universe consists of at least three infinite dimensions. My hypothesis is that it is the medium in which our universe exists, in fact, it is the medium in which an infinite number of universes exist. Note this is not the same as parallel universes. I mean to say that in any given direction there is another universe separate from ours separated by an infinite amount of distance. That is of course if you define the universe as what was created by the “big bang.”  Or whatever you might imagine created the universe.

Infinite, that’s a word I say and write a lot. I’ve recently changed my thinking about what infinity is I’ve been trying to connect the mathematical concept of infinity with the behavior of the universe. It’s been bothering me you see, how can the universe be infinite if it’s growing? How can the universe be described as having an infinite amount energy a moment before the big bang then exist in a state that is not infinite the next?  Where did the infinity go? If the universe expanded to infinity when did it cross the threshold?

Maybe these answers are already out there but most of the avenues to find them are blocked to me. If by nothing else my refusal to pursue them. So I’m left to ponder these things for myself.

Infinity is not a number. It is a set containing every possible number.  If your universe is one-dimensional infinity is a dot, if it’s two dimensional it’s a line, and so on. If you have more that one instance of a number infinity contains all of them. Infinity also contains all the numbers that are not there. It’s a little difficult to get your mind around but bear with me.

Just as darkness is the absence of light, noting is the absence of existence, and just as darkness can inherit some of the properties of light, so to can nothing inherent some of the properties of existence. Consider a light cast upon a wall. Now imagine a person standing in front of that light to cast a shadow on that wall. Darkness has no shape no size, but because it can only exist where the light is not it inherits its shape from the person who cast it.  Now imagine more people come in into the room. Each casting their own shadow. It’s the same darkness even separated by light. Its only changed in size because there are more things blocking the light, but it’s essentially the same. Now count the shadows.

math god3

Suddenly we can give a value to the darkness. A property that logically the darkness should not have. If we extend this outwards and make the wall as big as the planet and include every person on earth the darkness for just one light can number in the billions.

The same is true for existence for every instance of existence, there is an infinite number of places where that thing that is existing is not. Because we can count the instances of existence we can infer a value to the instances of non-existence.

This leads me to the Reson I call the infinite universe the binary universe because there are only two things in the universe that matter. Existence (1) and Nothing (0)

So where does god come in? Well, that’s hard to say? Mostly because we lack a universal definition of what god is. Mostly because god is a concept, and concepts are defined by the mind of the person who is perceiving them.

But let’s not let the fact that something is undefinable slow us down. The simple ambiguity of description is not an impediment for an adventurous mind! You may define god however you want. There are only two possibility’s you will either define god in such a way that it completely removes god from the mathematical system or your definition will leave just enough room to guarantee god’s existence.

Here is how I go about it. The crazy man that I am. In most creation myths god is defined as the creator of the universe. So let’s set that as the bar. A being of such technological and scientific sophistication that they can create a universe. I don’t know if this is possible, but considering we are here, I’m going out on a limb to say that it is. I also imagine if they have that kind of sophistication that they would almost assuredly be godlike in other aspects.

The biggest obstacle to most godlike things is energy. If you can create a universe you’ve probably got that solved for the most part, and that makes so many things available to you at your god table.

You may, of course, argue this description, but keep in mind you are merely arguing the description and not the numbers for the existence of these godlike beings.

One of the many crazy aspects of infinity I’ve discovered is that is can exist between any two points is a two-dimensional universe and any six points in a three-dimensional universe. Since there is no standard distance between points this means that two instances of infinity can be wildly different in their volume and still be mathematically equal, and as we saw in the example of the shadows there is no reason for infinity to be continuously connected. This means there could be an infinite amount of something, just not in the same place.

This leads me to the concept of infinitesimal pairs. This is an exciting set of numbers. Given that two things in the universe can both be infinite and not be equal creates a unique and interesting relationship.

Simply put. If  ∞(a+b) so that a>b  The resulting infinity will be 99.999r % a, and 0.000r % b. So let’s say a=2 and b=1  if we mutiply them by difrent nubers we see that two will asways be twice as big as one.

math god2

2 * 1 = 2————-1 * 1 = 1

2 * 2 = 4 ————1 * 2 = 2

2 * 10 = 20———1 * 10 =10

But the mathmatical distance between them gets wider.

2 * 1 = 2————-1 * 1 = 1 difrence 1

2 * 2 = 4 ————1 * 2 = 2 difrence 2

2 * 10 = 20———1 * 10 =10 difrence 10

The greatest distance between two numbers is a infitesimal relationship. Where one is infinite and the other is infintesamaly smaler.

This works with any two numbers so long as one is bigger than the other.

Since if I’m right and infinity’s don’t have to be equal in volume only in content this makes things very simple for us. There is more nothing in the binary universe than existence. Making the binary universe 99.999r% nothing and 0.000r% existence.

Of that 0.000r% existence, there is 99.999r% entropy and 0.000r% energy.

That energy (which is still infinite) is responsible for the creation of universes. Entropy being the force that causes them to slowly die.

In a small percentage of those universes, civilizations rise up to become godlike and because when you become godlike the only thing left to do is watch home movies, and since it’s likely you can’t go back in time, you create a new universe to study. Meaning that at least some of the universes in existence are created.

This makes the binary universe 99.999r%, not god, and 0.000r% god.

I don’t care how many dice you throw in an infinite system at least sometimes they will all come up all sixes. So long as your standard for god is possible it is probable.

This is, of course, coming from an atheist. 🙂

Nothing a mathmatical sdudy.

As I’ve been studying infinity I’ve come to notice something strange. That nothing and infinity behave very similarly to one and other and have many of the same properties. Leading me to the hypothesis that they are one and the same.  I’ve hence been trying to prove this mathematically.


Space is not the same as nothing. We have Einstine to thank for that understanding, if space can be bent then it is something, not nothing as its name suggest.

Whenever we get around to figuring out what space is we are likely to find that there is space between our space.

That is the strange nature of nothing by its definition it doesn’t exist, but it is somehow everywhere.

And it’s a good thing too. A universe without nothing is a strange and confusing place. Let’s take the Eiffel tower. It is a thing that exists in Paris France but not in say Denver Colorado. But what if not existing didn’t exist? Then the Eiffel Tower would be infinite meaning the tower would be everywhere. In every place, and every conceivable space, you would be the Eiffel Tower, and this would be true for everything that existed.

What is weird is that from observing the universe there seems to be a lot more nothing than stuff, and this is a pattern that permeates the universe on every level.

So then it must be mathematically demonstratable.

The zeros we see in numbers like 10 are not zero’s they are placeholders. When converted to base 1 (think tally marks or dots) it becomes clear that 10 represents the existence of ten things.

So then where is the nothing?

Right in front of us. Everything, not the ten marks are nothing, but this should be seen in other formats like base ten, and binary.

It is. When we write the number 1 we only concern ourselves with what is necessary and assume the rest is nothing, and normally that’s good policy, but not when we are looking for nothing.

Every single number uses every possible place, ones, tens… ∞ each space is filled with a number or nothing.





It is safe to say that every instance of existence is surrounded by an infinity of nothing.


Therefore its possible say the following.


Working with Infinity.

higherarchy_of_the_universes2.jpgPlaying around with this.

x = any number


∞+x=∞            Infinity cannot get bigger.



∞-x=∞           Infinity cannot get smaller.






x/∞=x/∞*∞/1=∞/∞=1&∞       Infinity is always infinity.



|—¦–¦—¦—|             There is infinite space between 0 and 1



———-∞———- a

———————–∞———————— b

line a and line b are equal a=b



|——-|——-|     |——-|——-|

0——-1——-2  + 0——-1——-2 = 4

Infinity can substitute any number.




Story Idea: The Kings Ballad.

I had an interesting dream which I am planning to adapt to a story.

My Bex (best friend\ex-wife) and I were playing Hearthstone when I got a sleep attack, which I get sometimes. I call them attacks because that is what they feel like like. Like I’m being forced to sleep whether I feel physically or mentally tired.

This one was a bad one. It hit hard and fast and I fell asleep for a moment while playing the game. The attack wasn’t done with me they come in waves and another was coming soon. Basically, I needed a nap and it was not a suggestion.

So I excused myself from the game, which was sad because although Hearthstone is not my favorite game, I did want to keep playing with my Bex.

These are not normal naps either. I often wake up from them feeling rough (for lack of a better word) and kind of tingly all over, like when your arm falls asleep but all over, but I also wake up super energized sometimes. Like right now I feel like I could run a ten-k while calculating physics in my head. If that’s not weird enough my libido seems boosted as well.

But bringing it back to the topic, my dreams during these naps are really intense. They may not happen often but wow! I’ve always had vivid dreams with stories and plots and plot twists its where I get some of my best story ideas from.

The Dream.

In the dream, I am king and I have a pretty sweet kingdom. It is like a fusion of the medieval and cyberpunk looks. There are lots spires and towers everywhere but they are covered in circuits and screens and other high-tech gadgetry. Everything is white with gold accents.

I am in the middle of an important trade\peace agreement with a neighboring state of elves. It wasn’t stated in the dream but I’m going to call them High Elves. They are about ten feet tall, skinny, are beautiful and graceful, and walk around like they are better than everybody else. This goes especially for the high council of about ten elves who all look like the just smelt a fart.

In the dream, in order to secure the treaty, the council asked me to do something I did not like. I was not clear on it but it felt very much like some kind of massacre. Or a slaughter of innocents.

I’m thinking it was probably a slaughter of an Elvish peasant town and the council made my kingdom do it so it wasn’t connected to them. I do it but I feel awful about it.

What I’m thinking is me and my men dress up like Orcs to do it to blame the Orcs for the slaughter and avoid balm ourselves.

I did it because we needed the treaty, but the longer time goes on the harder I find it to keep quiet about it, but I have to. Saying something would mean war.

On the day the treaty is ratified our peoples come together is a celebration. There are about a thousand people in my banquet hall the peasants are on the main floor and there are balconies for the rich and important so they don’t actually come in contact with poor people.

I come out on the stage, which is about fifty feet in the air, and about fifty feet where people are sitting. I’m also being broadcasted on every screen in the kingdom.

I look at the High elf council who are already annoyed because this is unscheduled. I say to them something like: “Our kingdoms come together in peace on this day, and to celebrate I have written a song.”

I take out my electric guitar because why the fuck not. I look to my band and give them the nod and we start playing this driving metal tune. Like Metallica back in the day.

Were rocking the people high elves and humans and a few other races stand up and are jamming to the music.

I start singing in fucking Elvish. I don’t say it outright, I. E. I don’t say “the High Council forced us to murder your people and blame it on the Orcs,” but it’s there if you know what to look for.

And as I get to the part where I’m confessing the worst thing I have ever done. The song slows down and gets sad. So sad it makes me want to cry. The song ends and the people are blown away and everyone is clapping the people haven’t realized the significance. I look to the Council who look like they just heard a wet fart. They don’t say anything because that would be confirming it so the just storm off.

I retire to my privet quarters. My wife the queen is still out attending the festivities. So I am met by an elf mage who serves on my court. She is not the same race as the high elves. She is much shorter about five two-ish and has bluish-purple skin. (She reminded me of this woman that works at 7-11 who I would really like to have sex with but she’s in her early twenties and I don’t want to go there.)

Anyway, she heard the song and put two and two together, and she is there to comfort me. After we talk for a bit things get sexual (remember what I said about libido.) and that is where the dream ends.

If you want to get all Freudian and analyze that shit go right ahead. I’d love to hear your interpretation. I just think it was an amazing story, and I’d love to see it as a movie, or a music video.