Smoke: The Cannabis Detective Book One: Smoke and Mirrors

Cover art by Jenny K Pennington

Smoke: The Cannabis Detective Book One: Smoke and Mirrors is on sale now on Amazon.

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Peter is not a user of Cannabis he doesn’t drink or use other drugs either but he supports legalization. His wife Gwen does use cannabis for medical and recreational reasons, and he made a promise to her that if he had cancer he would try to cure it with cannabis.

He get’s hooked up with a new experimental strain called Ghost 19, but there is one little-sided effect… He starts to see ghosts. Is he hallucinating? Is he losing his mind? Is it some bad weed? Or could it possibly be real? Peter is certain it’s not, Gwen is certain it is. All Peter knows is he can’t tell what is real and what is Smoke.

Soon Peter and Gwen are swept up in a twelve-year-old murder case involving a missing girl who use to reside in the home of the friend that they are staying with. Will Peter solve the mystery or will the killer take care of his cancer concerns for good?